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Valve Cover Adapter for Center Bolt Heads

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Made to mount "perimeter" style valve covers on '86-newer heads.
Valve Cover Adapter for Center Bolt Heads

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  • This item is sold as a pair.



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What's in the Box

As you know, you can't run a stud girdle when using centerbolt valve covers. These handy adaptors simply bolt to your centerbolt heads which allows you to use standard valve covers and stud girdles. O-ring seal on head side. Use standard gasket on valve cover side. Has bolt holes to use with early '60-'86 "straight bolt" valve covers as well as '55-'59 staggered bolt valve covers.

We also carry adaptor plates (# 910-17145) to put '87 and newer center-bolt valve covers on '60-'86 heads.

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Reusuable. Package of two. 

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Valve Cover Hold Down Clamps
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Technostalgia 8100 Oldsmobile Centerbolt Valve Cover Adapters
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Replacement O-Ring for Center Bolt Valve Cover Adapter
(Part #910171571)

These quality Nitrile o-ring seals are replacement for our center bolt valve cover adapters 91017157.

  • Nitrile o-ring
  • Replacement for 910-17157 
  • Sold each