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Universal Seat Mounting Frame, Slider and Mounts


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The seat sliders adjust 7". One kit does one seat.

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a kit.



Q & A

What's in the Box

These universal seat components will allow you to install bucket seats in any car. Since every application is different, some modification may be required. 

  • 7" overall assembled height
  • 15-1/2" wide
  • 17-1/2" long
  • 7” front-to-rear adjustment

NOTE: Kit mounts 1 seat. If mounting 2 bucket seats or 1 bench seat, 2 kits would be required.

910-70024 Instructions (PDF)

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Warmseats Seat Heater

Perfect for a roadster or any car without a heater.  These state of the art seat heaters are OEM applications.  Easy to install heaters fit between the foam and upholstery of the seats bottom and back.  The pre-wired heater has a Hi/Lo/Off switch and only draws 3-1/2 amps.  You will need one heater for each vehicle occupant.  12 volt.

910-70030 Instructions (pdf)

Univeral Seat Frame Only

These universal seat mounting frames will allow you to install bucket seats almost any car. Purchase either the complete assembly with sliders and mounting plates (910-70024) or individual parts as needed.

Since every application is different, some modification may be required.

910-70025 Instructions (PDF)


Universal Seat Sliders

These universal seat sliders allow you to easily adjust the bucket seats in your car. Since every application is different, some modification may be required.

Directly fits Speedway seat frame and mounting plates (also available as a complete kit).

910-70026 Instructions (PDF)

Universal Seat Mount Plates
                        These universal seat mount plates will allow you to install almost any bucket seat in your car. Purchase either the complete assembly (910-70024) or these individual plates as needed. Since every application is different, some modification may be required. 

910-70027 Instructions (PDF)


Speedway Aluminum Hot Rod Bomber Seat
                        Hand formed from .090" aluminum, this aircraft bomber style seat has a 20 degree lay-back design for increased comfort. Seat measures 16" wide and 21" tall. Measures 4-1/8" from the top of the side rail to the bottom of the seat.

Note: Seat mounting brackets are sold separately. They allow for approximately 6" of adjustment. No mounting holes have been drilled due to the unlimited number of possible combinations.

Speedway Lightened Aluminum Hot Rod Bomber Seat

Everybody loves our Bomber seats, but some wanted them with lightening holes. Just like the original, this one is hand made from .090" aluminum with a hand-formed bead. Measures 16" wide and 21" tall. Needs no upholstery. Weighs only 5.76 lbs!

Mounting brackets sold separately.

Kirkey 41900V Vintage Class 18 Inch Bucket Seat
                        Kirkey's vintage class bucket seat was designed  especially for vintage class racing, but will also work in many street  rod applications. Its low back construction and optional upholstery  design gives it the vintage look but is still constructed with today's  technology. 
  • TIG welded .100" thick 5052 grade aluminum
  • MIG welded inside for added strength
  • Offset aluminum extrusion around perimeter of seat for added strength and safety
  • Optional upholstery with contoured, high-density foam bottom provides complete leg and inner thigh support