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Universal Electric 4-7 PSI Fuel Pump

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1/8" NPT to 5/16" hose barb
Mounting bracket is 3.115" wide. Used for basically stock motors. Set for 4-7 PSI and will pump upto 35 GPH. Comes with 2 hose barb fittings, 2 chunks of 5/16 hose, and mounting hardware.
Universal Electric 4-7 PSI Fuel Pump

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Inexpensive solid state universal fuel pump for stock engines. Set for 4-7 psi and flows up to 35 gph. 12 volt. 1/8" npt inlet and outlet and includes two barbed hose fittings to connect to 5/16" hose.

This pump is NOT self priming; it must be mounted below the gas tank to prevent the pump from running dry and over heating.  Failure to do so will cause premature failure of the pump.

910-11520 Instructions (PDF) 

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Carter P4259 6 Volt Electric Fuel Pumps
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Carter rotary vane universal electric fuel pumps were originally created for military use. This time-tested design has been in production longer than any other Carter model. Rotating vanes driven by a heavy-duty wet six volt motor deliver 5-3/4 PSI max pressure and a flow rate up to 72 GPH. This provides excellent lift and prime capability when the pump is mounted below the lowest point of the fuel tank at the rear of the car.

The inlet and outlet ports are 1/4" NPT. The pump comes with two 1/4" NPT to 3/8" hose barb adapters, two short electric leads, and a mounting bracket with rubber isolators. 

  • 6 volt electric motor
  • Operates on positive or negative ground
  • Rated at 72 GPH and 5-3/4 psi max pressure
  • Includes barbs for 3/8" hose and mounting bracket
  • Suitable for most RV, marine, agricultural, industrial and performance applications


Offenhauser Chrome Universal Adjust. Fuel Pressure Regulator, 1-6 PSI
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K&N Engineering 81-0402 Inline Fuel Pump, 32 GPH, 4-7 PSI
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This fuel pump from K&N provides premium quality fuel system hardware with a universal design that fits a wide variety of applications. This 12-volt pump helps prevent vapor lock and flooding. 

  • Compatible with diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, E85, methanol, ethanol, alcohol and other fuels
  • Universal design fits most applications
  • Pumps 32 gallons per hour between 4 and 7 psi
  • Self-priming design provides a quiet running volume
  • Eliminates vapor lock and flooding
  • Fuel filter and installation hardware is included