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Unisteer 8050020 Cross-Steer Rack and Pinion Steering Shaft Extension


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Shaft has 5/8" x 36 spline on the male end and a 9/16" x 26 spline on the female end. Contains drill bit and 2 pins. Designed for 1923-1934 Fords only.

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Q & A

What's in the Box

We also offer a steering shaft extension that allows you to reuse your existing steering shaft and u-joints when replacing your Vega box.

The rack has 9/16"-26 spline on the female end, while while the male extension shaft has 5/8"-36 spline just like the Vega box.

Designed for 1923-1934 Fords only.

Please see item 91032245 for full description.

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1928-32 Ford Cross-Steer Rack and Pinion
                        This is a great new concept for street rods with tubular or I-beam axles. It's hard to visualize how this works, but it's the hottest new idea out there! 

Designed to replace the common Vega steering box, this rack and pinion assembly has a long passenger-side tie rod that hooks up to the right spindle like a Vega-style drag link. The rack unit is mounted on a sturdy bracket that bolts to your existing Vega box mount. The rack mounts much lower and farther forward than a box to provide more clearance, and those who have installed the system report quicker steering response and easier effort than a steering box.

The racks have 9/16" 26-spline shafts and the extension shafts are 5/8" 36-spline, just like a Vega box. Plus, our steering shaft extension 910-32244 allows you to reuse your existing steering U-joints and shafts when replacing your Vega box.

Specify 11/16" or 5/8" tie rod thread. The 5/8" is used with a LH heim joint, 11/16" is used with a LH tie rod end. Outer tie rod and jam nut not included.

If you are using heim ends, you may wish to order heim 175-0316 and jam nut 910-01056. If using tie rod ends, you may wish to order tie rod end 910-02919 and jam nut 910-01159.

910-32245 Instructions (PDF)

Cross Steering Tech Tip (Link)