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AFCO 85160X-3 1/8 Inch MP x (2) 3/16 Inch Inv. FL Fitting

AFCO 85160X-3 1/8 Inch MP x (2) 3/16 Inch Inv. FL Fitting

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Brake system fittings to complete your brake plumbing project.

Racer Note: Racing brake calipers, if properly maintained, can generally be used for several racing seasons. Frequent replacement of the caliper pistons and seals will increase caliper life and performance.

Item Details

Application: Brake Bias Panel

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Rare part exactly what I needed

October 12, 2013
To help those searching, This male end is the same thread as 1/8" NPT (national pipe thread/ slightly tapered to seal at the threads with teflon) which will thread into your frame thru connectors. The two female ends will fit the standard 3/8 - 24 fitting used on 3/16 brake line. Those ends of your line will have to be flared (or double) to create the seal against the inverted fitting. This is a hard to find part so i suppose the price plus shipping is not too bad but still expensive for a small fitting. BE AWARE:::: The Male thread is NOT the same as the female threads! VERY CLOSE!!! Speedway quickly answered my question (above) and they this part fit my needs. Quick shipping too. Recommend
  • quick question response
  • Fast Shipping
  • Strong
  • exactly as pictured
  • as of now none
Yes, I recommend this product.
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Product Q&A

1 questions : 2 answers

2 answers

What type of thread is the 1/8 inch MP? Is it the same as an 1/8 NPT?

October 07, 2013

What type of thread is the 1/8 inch MP? Is it the same as an 1/8 NPT?


October 13, 2013
Yes, Same thread.
October 07, 2013
The 1/8" MP stand for 1/8" male pipe thread. The other two ports are 3/16"(3/8-24) inverted flare female.
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Brake Banjo Bolt

  • Steel
  • 7/16 Inch x 24
  • For use with banjo fittings
  • Overall Length : 1.04 "
  • Under Head Length : .86 "
  • Thread Length : .55 "
  • Thread Pitch : 7/16-24
  • Wrench Type : Hex
  • Material Type : Steel
  • Finish : Zinc 

Note: To measure what size fitting you have, you will need to measure the outside diameter of the threads and check the tread pitch. To check for thread pitch you will need to count the number of threads you have in 1". It is easier if you have a thread pitch gauge which should be available at your local hardware/bolt supply store. This particular fitting measures 7/16" thread outside diameter and has 24 Threads Per Inch (TPI).

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