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Transverse Rear Leaf Spring Perch Kit

Transverse Rear Leaf Spring Perch Kit
Transverse Rear Leaf Spring Perch Kit
Transverse Rear Leaf Spring Perch Kit

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a kit.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Perch welds to your square or rectangular rear crossmember when using a 2-1/4" wide transverse leaf spring. Plain U-bolts included. Rear perch is made from .25" thick steel.


  • U-bolts:  2-1/4" inside width x 3-3/8" inside length

Item Details

with 2-1/4" wide u-bolts

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Use these brackets to mount a late model rear axle into a Model T - Model A Ford chassis when using a high-arch, 2-1/4" wide transverse rear leaf spring (like our 910-43102). Brackets locate the leaf spring directly above the axle housing. Includes zinc plated shackles with nylon bushings, weld-on brackets, and instructions.

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Front Frame Perch Kit, Standard Ride Height
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Standard height front spring perch kit welds to a 3" diameter crossmember tube and works with a 1-3/4" wide leaf spring.

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High Arch Transverse Rear Leaf Spring, 39 Inch
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These universal transverse rear leaf springs are perfect for those wanting to build a tradional looking T-bucket or Model A hotrod. Each cross spring is made from high grade tempered spring steel and is 2-1/4" wide, 39" eye-to-eye, and has 5 tapered leaves. Raises 6" to 8".

Five leaves, each 0.25" thick 

Spring eyes are 3/4" I.D. Black steel finish.

Rear Leaf Spring Specs (GIF)