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Transverse Rear Leaf Spring Axle Mounting Brackets, Model T/Model A

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Transverse Rear Leaf Spring Axle Mounting Brackets, Model T/Model A

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  • This item is sold as a kit.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Use these brackets to mount a late model rear axle into a Model T - Model A Ford chassis when using a high-arch, 2-1/4" wide transverse rear leaf spring (like our 910-43102). Brackets locate the leaf spring directly above the axle housing. Includes zinc plated shackles with nylon bushings, weld-on brackets, and instructions.

916-45108 Instructions (PDF)


  • Bracket Height:  3-1/2" from base of bracket to shackle eye
  • Bracket Width:  3-1/2" from outer edge of bracket base to center of shackle eye
  • Shackle Bolt Centers:  1-1/2"

Item Details

Model T / Model A Ford

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