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Track Claw 2995 Tire Strengthener, Softener, 1 Gallon

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Track Claw 2995 Tire Strengthener, Softener, 1 Gallon

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Track Claw Tire Strengthener is designed to strengthen and vulcanize the rubber of a tire by becoming part of it, adding more elasticity and strength to the rubber which significantly increases traction. Track Claw tire softener is also designed to give tires tremendous abrasion resistant properties which keeps tires cooler, decreases wear significantly, and keeps tires consistent lap after lap. 

Non-oily treatment is undetectable and will work on all types of tires.



Track Claw works so well that it actually gives better handling and control which makes racing safer for all drivers on the track. This formula is also safe for the user and is ozone friendly. Track Claw can actually restore older tires, which lowers the cost of racing.

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