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Track-T Instruction Manual

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Track-T Instruction Manual
Track-T Instruction Manual
Track-T Instruction Manual
Track-T Instruction Manual

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What's in the Box

"Test the water" before you buy the kit! This step-by-step manual has instructions, tips and photos... even suggested tools and parts sources. 91 pages, b&w photos with wiring schematics.

Cost of the manual is completely refundable upon purchase of the kit.

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By John Thawley. Contains methods and procedures long guarded by the "old timers" of the trade. Covers metal shrinking, hammer welding,  working with wood for rods, upholstery and button tufting, how to do engine-turned gold leafing, pinstriping, and much, much more. Over 400 photos really give you the picture!

63 pages.

Book - How to Build a Traditional Ford Hot Rod
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                        Build your own flathead roadster just as it would have been built in the 1950s! Using a 1929 Ford Model A, this guide follows its construction from start to fantastic finish. Bishop begins with a wealth of expert advice on planning your project, finding traditional parts, and acquiring the tools, time, space, and services needed. From frame, front suspension and steering, to brakes, engine and transmission, Bishop's expert approach is fully illustrated with specially commissioned photos and line drawings. 250 photos. 160 pages.
Speedway 1927 Track-T Roadster Kit Car
(Part #97390100)

With their exciting, racy styling, Track T roadsters are some of the most recognizeable hot rods in American automotive history. Designed for nostalgic originality, Speedway’s Track-T Roadster is an economical way to relive that vintage motoring spirit. This kit car turns heads wherever it goes with its beautiful, one-piece 1927 T body, smooth lines and custom track style nose.  The Track-T is designed to use the powertrain from 4-cylinder or V6 powered rear wheel drive vehicles.  In such a small, lightweight car they become mighty spirited performers.

The 1927 Track-T basic kit includes a 1927 Model T Roadster body with right and left full length side frame covers and custom floor with transmission tunnel.  It also comes with a passenger compartment rear bulkhead divider, street rodder nose, rear roll pan, smooth flat cowl/firewall and front shock mounts.  Headlight mounts, hood top, and aluminum hood sides are also included. The storage compartment behind the seat is even large enough to accept 2-3 suitcases, or a large cooler & picnic basket. 

The rigid tube steel chassis features front & rear kick-ups for a lower ride height and includes pre-mounted suspension bracketry. The chassis is built to accomodate a traditional spring-over, tube axle front suspension with Hairpin radius rods, Vega cross steering, and '49-'54 Chevy spindles. Rear suspension mounts will attach a solid axle to quarter elliptic springs with upper torque arms, Panhard bar, and tube shocks.

This product is made to order so quantities may vary. Please allow three to four weeks lead time.

  • Fiberglass Body
    • One-piece '27 T body
    • Street Rodder nose
    • Aluminum hood sides
    • Full length frame covers (left & right sides)
    • Rear roll pan
    • Floor pan w/ transmission tunnel
    • Passenger compartment rear bulkhead
    • Steering column support (steel tube)
  • Frame
    • 2" x 3" x .120 wall square tube steel frame rails
    • Round tube front & rear kick-ups
    • Includes the following mounted brackets:
      • front crossmember
      • front spring perch
      • shock/headlight bracket mounting pad
      • front braces with steering box mount
      • front radius rod mounting roids
      • rear radius rod mounting roids
      • "K" member
      • rear spring mounting pads
      • rear vertical hoop
      • rear horizontal hoop
      • fuel tank support tube
      • rear shock mounting tabs
      • rear Panhard bar mount
      • rear bumper mounting pads
      • under-engine crossmember*
      • transmission mount (4" drop)*
      • nose mounting straps*
    • * (Customer to install)
  • Headlight & Front Shock Mounts
    • Shock/headlight mounting brackets
    • Bolts, nuts, washers
Lo-Boy Instruction Manual
(Part #97486132)

You too can build a first rate 1932 Roadster with ordinary tools! This manual shows you how to do it, what you'll need and where to find it. It's full of photos, diagrams and step-by-step instructions. Should you purchase the Lo-Boy kit, the cost of the manual is completely refundable.

142 pages, b&w pictures w/ wiring schematics.

Book - How To Build A Cheap Hot Rod
(Part #91085255)
                        Our friend Dennis Parks purchased and assembled our Speedway Track-T Roadster and documented each step required in this book. This is the perfect companion book for anyone considering this or any other T build. 192 pages. 
T-Bucket Assembly Manual
(Part #715900)

This manual shows you how to assemble one of our 1923 T-bucket or 1927 T Roadster kits. It's full of photos and step-by-step instructions to clearly illustrate the assembly process. Manual now includes chapters on installing the engine and drivetrain, preparing and intalling the body, windshield, wiring, and even how to install upholstery.

If you're considering a T-bucket purchase, you can purchase this manual first to see what it takes to build it yourself. The manual's price is fully refundable with the purchase of a 1923 or 1927 T kit.

NOTE:    This manual provides detailed examples on the assembly of a traditional T-bucket.  The manual does not provide in detail the assembly of our Tribute-T, but can be used as a generic reference to cover basic concepts.

Book/Manual-Complete Builder's Guide to Hot Rod Chassis and Suspension
(Part #28178185)
                        One thing that has become very evident when  browsing through the latest rodding magazines is that there is no  shortage of options regarding suspensions for your rodding project.  Various advertisers feature their latest fancy complete independent  set-ups, while car features cover a combination of both the latest and  greatest vs. traditional styles of suspensions. Which ones are the best?  How hard are they to install, and how much is it going to cost?

In The Complete Builder's Guide to Hot Rod Chassis & Suspension, highly regarded hot rodding author Jeff Tann covers everything enthusiasts need to know about designing and building their new chassis and suspension system. It thoroughly explores both factory and aftermarket frames, modified factory solid-axle suspensions, and aftermarket independent front and rear suspension setups. No matter what design a reader may be considering for his own car, How to Build Hot Rod Chassis delivers a wealth of information on the pros and cons of all systems available.

Whether you end up building a traditional or retro rod and stick with a conventional system, go high-tech and get the latest and greatest, or decide on a hybrid somewhere in between, this book will guide you through the process of choosing, installing, and enjoying your hot rod's suspension.
  • By Jeff Tann
  • 144 pages
  • Photos: 655 color
  • Paperback
  • Sold individually
Book/Manual - How to Build Period Correct Hot Rods
(Part #28178192)
                        Vintage, retro, or classic hot rods have been an  enduring element of the hot rod hobby. These vintage roadsters, sedans,  and coups have become very popular because they are the bedrock of the  hot rodding culture. However, many rodders have built a rod dedicated to  a particular decade, era, region, flavor or style, but these have  lacked all the period correct details, and it's crucial to get all the  details (ie: parts) right. If some parts are not of the complementary or  the package does not faithfully replicate a particular style or era,  the theme of the hot rod can be ruined. Hot rod veteran Gerry Burger  explains how to identify, buy, or build the parts to create a faithful  period correct hot rod and a car that you will be proud of and will gain  the respect from others in the hobby. The book showcases all the parts  that make an authentic hot rod of a certain era, flavor, or style,  including 50s and 60s style, both East Coast and West Coast. It details  the wide range of stock parts and popular high-performance parts from a  particular era. He discusses when they were first produced and when they  were in popular use. Burger discusses how to choose the period correct  engine for your chassis, valve covers, intakes, and carbs that also  match the era from Edelbrock, Offenhauser, and others. Similar chapters  also cover, interiors, wheels and tires, frames, suspension, and other  components. When it comes to putting together all the pieces to create  an attractive, accurate, and fun hot rod from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, no  other book is a better guide than How to Build Period Correct Hot Rods.
  • By Gerry Burger
  • 144 pages
  • Photos: 350 color
  • Paperback
  • Sold individually