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Super Glide Quarter Elliptical Springs

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Super Glide    Quarter Elliptical Springs

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What's in the Box

Super Glide™ quarter elliptic springs feature a five leaf, 1-3/4" wide spring design. The ends of the spring leaves of a Super Glide™ spring have a unique nylon insert. This insert works as a dry lubricant, significantly reducing leaf-to-leaf friction. This reduction of friction lets the spring move more easily, thereby giving a smoother, quieter ride.

  • 1-3/4" wide
  • 20" long
  • Sold each, two required

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Posies Super Slide Springs Q2K Quarter Elliptical Spring Kit
(Part #5801000)

Posies Ellipta-Slide quarter elliptical spring kit looks great on either a hi-tech or traditional street rod, and can be used in either front or rear suspensions. Ellipta-Slide springs feature rolled & tapered leaves with built-in Super Slide moly-nylon buttons for a great ride for the street.

  • 1-3/4" wide
  • 17-3/4" overall length
  • 15-5/8" eye to spring end

Kit includes springs, frame mounts with adjustable ride height, frame gussets, shackles, and stainless spring clamps. Mounting perches 580-1064 sold separately.

See the Ellipta-Slide article in Street Rodder Magazine (Link)

Speedway 1-3/4 Nylon Spring Shackle Kit, Plain (Zinc) Finish, Pair
(Part #91033323-ZINC)

Fits front or rear springs. All measurements are width of spring. All nylon bushed shackles are 1-1/2" shackle bolt center to shackle bolt center.

Bushings are included. Bushing O.D. is 3/4".


Leaf Spring Measuring Guide (Link)

Posies Super Slide Springs 1064 Quarter Elliptical Spring Axle Mount
(Part #5801064)

Posies pivoting spring perches for mounting your axle to your quarter elliptic springs. Designed for use with 1-3/4" wide springs. Works with 3/4" O.D. bushings.

  • 2.0070 for the threaded length
  • 1.5650 for the length of the sleeve
  • .7560 sleeve i.d. 
  • Threads are 3/4-16
  • Shackle mounting bushing length is 1.7500 with a I.D. of .760

Includes (2) perches.

See the Ellipta-Slide article in Street Rodder Magazine (Link)

Bronze Replacement Shackle Bushings for 1-3/4 Inch Shackle
(Part #91033327)
                        These bronze replacement shackle bushing sets  consist of (8) bushings which will fit 1 pair of shackles. Bushings are  for a 3/4" spring eye or perch and accept shackles having 1/2" shaft or  bolt. 

Fits Speedway shackles: