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Straight Oil Pressure Gauge Extended Fitting, 1/8 Inch NPT to AN4


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Threaded 1/8" NPT at one end, AN-4 at the other. Under hex length is 1.32".

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Q & A

What's in the Box

We all know how hard it is to get at that oil pressure fitting on the back of the block. Oil gauge extension is 1/8" NPT to AN4. 

  • 1/8" NPT to nut is 1.32"
  • Nut thickness is .25"
  • AN4 to nut is .75"

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Stainless steel screen locates between the block and the oil filter to stop debris before it enters the filter element. Periodic inspections serve as early warning of engine failure. Fits S/B, B/B and 90° V-6 Chevy engines with spin-on oil filters. Does not affect oil pressure.

  • Unique stainless steel screen locates on top of spin-on oil filters to trap debris before it enters the filter element undetected
  • Particulate matter trapped in the screen and detected during periodic inspections serves as an "early warning signal" for impending engine failures
  • 304 stainless steel filtration-grade screen traps contaminants down to the 280 micron range without affecting oil flow or oil pressure
  • Crimped rings at both outside and inside diameters provide increased strength and extended durability
Braided Pressure Gauge Line Kit
                        This braided pressure gauge line kit makes it a snap to hook up your pressure gauge.  Can be used with oil, water, fuel or air. Includes AN 4 braided line,  AN4 to 1/8" NPT male and AN4 to 1/8" NPT female. Choose from lengths of  25", 36" or 48".
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