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Steve Smith Autosports S289 Book - Building the Mustang Mini Stock


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ISBN 0-936834-89-7

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What's in the Box

A step-by-step buildup of a Mustang Mini Stock project car. Provides detailed instruction on how to build you own race car.

  • Finding a suitable car
  • Stripping the car
  • Installing a roll cage
  • Working with a unibody chassis
  • Using a McPherson strut front suspension
  • Designing the front suspension geometry
  • Working with the stock 4-point rear suspension and coil springs
  • Complete race car fabrication and preparation
  • Complete chassis setup and alignment
  • Scaling the car and adjusting the weight
  • Chassis adjustments and troubleshooting
  • Ford 2300cc performance engine build-up
  • For dirt and paved tracks

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  • Fabricating and prepping a Pinto chassis
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Steve Smith Autosports V290 DVD - Building the Mustang Mini Stock

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Steve Smith Autosports V292 Video - Building the Ford 2300 Engine

This comprehensive video offers easy-to-follow instructions on building and modifying the popular Ford 2300cc engine for Mini Stock Competition.


  • Basic block prep
  • Setting crankshaft clearances
  • Setting rod clearances
  • Installing rods, pistons and rings
  • Prepping and CCing the head
  • The valve train
  • Camshaft degreeing
  • Oiling system
  • Ignition system
  • Complete assembly