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Steve Smith Autosports S286 Book - Mini-Micro Sprint Racing Technology


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What's in the Box

By Steve Smith. Covers frames, suspension, chassis, torque arms, chassis alignment, tires, wheels, wings, parts and sources. Well illustrated. 87 pages.

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Mini Sprint 24 Inch Nose Wing

Cap off the front of your Mini Sprint or Micro Sprint car with this beautifully polished, lightweight aluminum nose wing. This 24" wide wing has 18-7/8" long sideboards which are 8-1/2" front to back. Mounting tabs must be fabricated.

  • Polished aluminum
  • Heavy duty construction
  • No mounting tabs

NOTE: The side boards are not attached. The rivets and side boards are included and must be assembled. This is done to minimize shipping damage.

                        These Speedway set up pit sheets are handy, expecially for sprint cars.  Gives you a permanent record of all the night's racing information. Pad of 50 sheets.
Lap Timing Sheets, Pack/3
                        Pack of 3 lap timing data sheets.
Micro Sprint 30 Inch Nose Wing

This heavy duty  micro sprint nose wing is well constructed. It’s the perfect crowning piece for the front of your race car. Measures 30" wide with 18" x 9" side board.

  • Fits Micro Sprint cars 
  • Mounting tabs NOT included
Saldana Racing Products WW-MS-2-1 Mini Sprint Lug Wrench

Allows for easy removal of lug nuts. Light weight, strong, and durable for longevity.

Fits 2" nut and 1" pilot. 

Kirkey 27 Series Micro/Mini Sprint Racing Seat

The latest innovation from Kirkey to grant Micro/Mini sprint racers the same protection as sprint car drivers.  Designed to be used in smaller open wheel race cars.  Black vinyl padding with three cloth color options: Black, Red, & Gray

  • Compact design allows easy installation in all types of chassis
  • Detachable left-front section allows clearance for use in all engine classes
  • Reinforced shoulder restraints for extra strength
  • Vertically adjustable reinforced head restraint allows unobstructed peripheral vision
  • Compatible with all head and neck restraints
  • 7 sizes available: 12", 13", 14", 14.5" 15", 15.5", 16" (measured at drivers' hips)

960-69000 Instructions (PDF)

960-69000 Dimensions

Klotz KL-605 Synthetic Chain Lube Aerosol

Klotz Hi-Performance Chain Lube contains ExtraTac™ Anti-Wear System for all street, off-road, and racing applications. Specially formulated for conventional and O-ring type roller chains to provide the maximum level of lubrication and rust protection. Klotz ExtraTac™ Anti-Wear System penetrates deeply to displace moisture and dirt and allow for maximum corrosion protection.

Laser Chain Alignment Tool
  • No More Measuring!
  • Billet Construction
  • Precision Accuracy
Never lose a chain again!  Machined and factory calibrated for precision accuracy, this tool will save you time and money.  Simply use the thumb screw to fasten to the top of your rear sprocket and align to the center of your counter sprocket.
Tru-Square Mini Sprint Rearend Alignment Tool, 2 Spacers, 2 Inch Axle
                        There are three (3) different Tru-Square tools for Mini/Micro Sprints depending on your axle. Here are directions to find out which tool you need:

Set your rear axle on your setup blocks of choice. Be sure your spacers are on and your rear axle nuts are tight so the birdcages are not loose.

The Tru-Square tool clamps to the axle directly above the setup blocks, therefore the tool that is needed is determined by the overall diameter of the axle or axle spacer (if applicable) at this location. Measure the diameter of your rear axle or the diameter of the spacer (if there is a spacer on the axle) directly above the set up blocks. Your measurements should be: 

  • 2" (on both sides) 
  • 2.5" (on both sides) 
  • 2" on one side and 2.5" on the other

This fits long spline axles which have axle/wheel spacers covering the axle at the point of tool contact on both sides of the axle.

  • Quick attachment system for rear end squaring
  • All aluminum construction
  • Hardware is included

Instructions (PDF)

Lucas 10393 Sprocket and Chain Lube Aerosol, 11oz

Designed with an additive package to prolong the life of sprockets and chains. Fortified with “moly” and other dry film lubricants, you can expect less friction at high RPM’s for less drag and longer component life.

  • Water resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Resist slinging
  • Less friction
  • Provides excellent anti-rust protection


Speedway 14 Sq. Ft. Micro/Mini Sprint Top Wing Kit

Top off your Micro or Mini Sprint car with a top-quality, money-saving Micro / Mini Sprint Top Wing Kit from Speedway Motors.

Speedway’s new Micro / Mini Sprint Top Wing Kit is built from premium-quality aircraft aluminum to provide the strength and light weight demanded by top racers. The wing kit is easily assembled using countersunk rivets and features 54-inch offset sideboards and internal sliders. A quick-change wicker bill ensures easy adjustability between events; different wicker bill sizes are available separately. The Micro / Mini Sprint Top Wing Kit is economically priced under $400 and ships via standard UPS ground freight, saving you both time and money.

Speedway 14 Sq. Ft. Micro/Mini Sprint Top Wing Kit

  • Premium aircraft aluminum
  • 54" offset sideboards
  • Countersunk rivets
  • Internal sliders
  • Quick change wicker bill
Outlaw Wings 9601112 Mini/Micro Sprint Front Nose Wing, 18 x 32 Inch
                        This nose wing from Outlaw Wings has a 32" wide by 18" long center  section and is made from lightweight aluminum. If your front end won't stay on the ground, this is the nose wing you need.
  • 18"x32"
  • 3/4" dish
  • Includes mounting tabs
  • Rivet sideboards on and you're ready to go
Swindell Series Sprint Car Set-Up Sheets
  • Can be used if running a 305, 360 or 410 sprint car
  • 1 tablet contains 50 sheets
  • Easily organize your set-up notes for each race
  • Gives you a permanent record of every adjustment and set-up
  • Designed and used by World of Outlaw and Chili Bowl Champion Sammy Swindell
Chain Breaker Press And Riveting Tool
  • Complete chain tool for most 520, 525 and 530 standard o-ring chains
  • Break, press and rivet your chain with one compact tool
  • Will rivet hollow nose master links (will not rivet solid soft-nose pins)
  • Will push pin completely through link/side plate
  • Hardened body, riveting tip and breaker pin for strength and durability
  • Removable handle for compact storage
  • Perfect for your tool chest if you have a chain with a rivet master link
  • 1 year limited warranty
Tru-Square Mini Sprint Rearend Alignment Tool, 2 Inch, 1-3/4 Inch Axle

The Tru-Square tool clamps to the axle directly above the setup blocks, therefore the tool that is needed is determined by the overall diameter of the axle or axle spacer (if applicable) at this location.  Measure the diameter of your rear axle or the diameter of the spacer (if there is a spacer on the axle) directly above the set up blocks.

Tru-Square Mini/Micro Sprint Rearend Alignment Tool

  • 2" (on both sides)
  • For 1-3/4 Inch Axle
  • Spacers and clamps