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Standard 110 Volt 300 Watt Grooving Iron

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Standard 110 Volt 300 Watt Grooving Iron

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Q & A

What's in the Box

The Speedway Tru-Hot grooving iron is great for grooving, cutting and siping. Pistol grip design can be used with or without heat. Seven feet of cord with 110  volt, 300 watt operation.

Head and blades NOT included.


Note: Due to the heat created by this iron, it will groove before reaching it's max temperature. Do not leave this unit plugged in for more than 10 minutes at a time or left unattended.

Item Details

Head and blades sold separately.

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Van Alstine G-1000-M Instant-On Tire Groover, 110 Volt
(Part #91082055)

This tire groover features instant on. Head has a Teflon pad which lets it slide across your tires with ease. Features long, heavy duty cord, comfortable pistol grip handle and an adjustable head. The power supply also has a convenient carrying handle. Use with flat bottom cutting blades 910-82056 & 910-82058.

Includes two blades of sizes #4, #6, #8, and #10.

Product Brochure (PDF)

Econ-O-Siper Tire Siper
(Part #91082065)

The Econ-o-siper comes with one #4 head and two blades. No heat.

Different size heads and blades are available seperately.

Deluxe 110 Volt 250 Watt Grooving Iron
(Part #445251)

These 110 volt, 250 watt pistol grip grooving irons by Ideal Heated Knives come with a number 4 head and blades. Works great as a heated siper when you turn the blades upside down. Different size heads and blades sold separately.

Made in the U.S.A. Includes (1) #4 head and (1) package of #4 blades. Different size heads and blades sold separately.

Van Alstine S-100 Heated Tire Siper
(Part #91082052)

Shallow tire siping is a great way to get better grip from your dirt racing tires. This trick siper tool is heated for easier cutting and holds up to thirteen blades for faster tire prep. 

This product is shipped with 4 strips with 6 blades each. They are not installed. Uses replacement blades 910-82054. This tool will also cut "open sipes" by using a #1 blade.

Product Brochure (PDF)

Speedway Tire Grooving Iron Blades Size 4, 1/4
(Part #91082062-4)
                        Blades for grooving iron sold 12 per  package.  For use with grooving irons listed below.
  • 445-250 - Tru-Hot grooving iron
  • 445-251 - Ideal grooving iron
  • 910-82065 - Econ-o-siper
Speedway Grooving Iron Head Size 4, 1/4
(Part #91082061-4)

Grooving Iron heads for grooving irons listed below.

  • 445-250 - Tru-Hot Grooving Iron
  • 445-251 - Ideal Grooving Iron
  • 910-82065 - Econ-o-siper

Grooving Iron Replacement Heads and Blades Application Chart