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Speedway Vertical Steering Reservoir Tanks

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Accepts 2.5" replacement cap 617-5022.
Speedway Vertical Steering Reservoir Tanks

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Vertical mounted power steering reservoir tank.  The top return fitting is the industry standard AN 6 size. Available with AN 8 or AN 10 outlets. These tanks are NOT internally baffled. 

Bracket sold separately. Bracket can be welded to the tank, strapped to the tank with hose clamps, or custom-mounted to suit your needs.


  1. Connect this reservoir to your system using 3/8" hose, used by the majority of OEMs (3/8" = AN6).
  2. Use rubber hose and push-lock fittings, or braided stainless steel lines.
  3. Lost your cap? Use replacement cap 617-5022.


Item Details

Mount bracket not included.

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Filler Neck Replacement Twist Cap, 2-1/2 Inch
(Part #6175022)
                        Filler neck replacement twist cap for 2-1/2" neck. This is a vented cap as it vents to the  underside of the cap. 
KSE Racing Products KSF2000-010 Vertical Reservoir Tank with Filter
(Part #91032860)
                        KSE vertical power steering reservoir tanks are a lightweight aluminum design. Features an internal filter, vented cap and AN 6 inlet/AN 10 outlet. Mount with bracket at right.  
  • Adequate fluid dwell time for cooling and de-aration under all racing conditions
  • Improved cooling
  • Minimizes pump starvation (cavitation) under hard cornering conditions
  • Internal Filter
  • Vented Cap
  • Optimim inlet/outlet size and locations
  • Overall Height:  7-3/4"
  • Diameter:  3-1/2"
Speedway Steering-Mounted Reservoir Tank
(Part #91032875)

This power steering reservoir tank mounts horizontal, directly on steering gear. Aluminum with cap and fittings. 

All tanks have an AN 6 top fitting, and your choice of AN 8 or AN 10 lower fitting.

Vertical Power Steering Reservoir Tank: AN 10 with Bracket & Clamps
(Part #91032882)
                        Available in 1.5 lbs. standard weight with swirl action return fitting.  AN 10 outlet.
Vertical Power Steering Reservoir Tank: -6AN, -10AN w/Bracket, Black
(Part #91032883)

These black power steering fluid reservoirs come with an -6AN return and an -10AN pick up.  They are designed for Sprint racing applications and feature a swirl action return fitting with a total standard weight of 1.5 lbs. Instead of fluid shooting straight into tank it is directed to the side of the tank so it swirls around the inside of tank before draining back into sitting fluid. This is done to help with foaming or aireating of fluid being returned to tank.

  • Available in 1.5 lbs. standard weight with swirl action return fitting
  • -10 AN outlet
  • -6 AN return fitting
Lubrication Engineers 7500 LE Power Steering Fluid, 1 Qt.
(Part #91044010)

This power steering fluid is compatible with all racing power steering systems. Non-foaming, even at high temperatures. The best we have found. 1 quart.

  • Lowers operating temperatures
  • Controls rust and corrosion
  • Foam prevention
  • Seal compatibility
  • Reduces pump & gear wear
  • Resists oxidation
  • Contains MONOLEC, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive
Power Steering/Coolant Tank Mount
(Part #91032880)

Use this handy 3" tall aluminum bracket to mount your power steering reservoir tank or your coolant overflow expansion tank. Can be welded to the tank, strapped to the tank with hose clamps, or custom-mounted to suit your needs.

Tank NOT included. 

Power Steering Hose Kit, -8 AN Reservoir
(Part #91032950)

This power steering hose kit is just what you need to plumb your driver's side remote reservoir power steering set up. The AN 8 hose kit includes 4' of AN 6 high pressure hose, 5' of AN 6 blue aeroquip hose and 3' of AN8 blue aeroquip hose. One 45° AN 6 and one 90° AN 6 fittings are included as well as an AN 6 straight brass push-on and one AN 6 and two AN 8 90° push-on hose ends.

NOTE: Does NOT contain steering box fittings