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Speedway Replacement HEI Distributor Cap


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What's in the Box

Replacement caps with brass contact. Built to the same standards as MSD.

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MSD 8410 Replacement HEI Rotor

Replacement rotor with brass contact. For Chevrolet HEI Style distributors.

547-8410 Instructions (PDF)

MSD 8411 Replacement HEI Distributor Cap

Replacement GM HEI distributor cap with low-resistance brass terminals. Rynite construction for superior voltage insulation.

Silver Distributor Cap for GM HEI V8
                        Replacement cap with brass contact.  Built to the same standards as MSD.
Accel 8141R HEI Corrected Cap Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit

Corrected Distributor Cap for GM HEI prevents arcing from crossover and keeps your engine compartment neat. These heavy duty distributor caps offer superior protection from arc-thru and crossfire. Kit components are made from a high-performance 60,000 volt alkyd compound which is stress-relieved at molding to ensure stability.

  • Eliminates crossed wires on GM HEI
  • Brass terminals
  • Red color
  • For clockwise rotation only

105-8141 Instructions (PDF)

Accel 170072 HEI Wiring Pigtail

Finally, a dual HEI connector for GM HEI “Coil In-Cap”. The Dual HEI Connector helps clean up your engine bay by eliminating the use of single spade connectors to make battery and tachometer connections. Also holds the 12 volt and tachometer wires securely in place. Made from hi-temperature durable plastic to withstand all extreme conditions of an engine bay. The easily seen, 10” long, red and green wires identify battery and tachometer.

  • Wire your HEI distributor like the factory
  • Red and green wires identify battery and tach leads
  • 10" long
Speedway HEI Replacement Rotor

Replacement rotors with brass contact. Built to the same standards as MSD.

MSD PRD10987 HEI Type Coil Cover

HEI Type Coil Cover.

Screws for HEI Coil Cover