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Speedway Red Electric Fuel Pump, 7 PSI, 97 GPH

Material Type:
Sold in Quantity:
Fuel Type:
Free Flow Rate:
97 GPH
Overall Height:
Overall Width:
Overall Length:
Center to Center:
Maximum Pressure:
Flows 67 GPH while maintaining 5 PSI, regulator not required.
Speedway Red Electric Fuel Pump, 7 PSI, 97 GPH
Speedway Red Electric Fuel Pump, 7 PSI, 97 GPH
Speedway Red Electric Fuel Pump, 7 PSI, 97 GPH
Speedway Red Electric Fuel Pump, 7 PSI, 97 GPH
Speedway Red Electric Fuel Pump, 7 PSI, 97 GPH

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Speedway Electric fuel pump is a standard pressure street pump for gasoline only. It has a maximum pressure preset of 7 psi and a free flow capacity of 97 gph. It flows 67 gph while maintaining 5 psi. No regulator required. 

  • Internally regulated at 7 psi
  • Gravity fed fuel "pusher" design
  • Mount below lowest point of fuel tank
  • 3-1/2" from mounting bracket surface to the very front of the pump
  • Fittings with pump are for 3/8" hose


The best location for mounting any electric fuel pump is the rear of the vehicle. The inlet and outlet of the pump must be mounted below the lowest point of the tank. This is necessary to allow for an adequate fuel supply. The pump is designed to push fuel and not designed to suck fuel out of the tank. It needs to be gravity-fed or if it’s pulling from the top of the tank, it needs to develop a siphon feed to the pump. The pump should be mounted on the chassis, IN A VERTICAL POSITION WITH THE PUMP MOTOR ON TOP. Avoid exposure of the pump and fuel lines to moving parts and to any hot areas, such as the exhaust manifold. The pump should not be mounted in a closed area, such as the vehicle’s trunk.

This is a 12 volt pump and the pressure is NOT adjustable. Pressure is pre set at 7 psi and maintains 5 psi while flowing 67 gph. If less pressure is needed you will need to also order a regulator such as part number 56058500. Pressure needs to be supplied as specified for the carburetor in use. Using too much pressure will force the fuel past the needle and seat in the carburetor and cause excessive fuel in the engine and the related problems.


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