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Speedway Pro Series File-Fit Piston Rings, 4.00 Bore, Style C

Sold in Quantity:
Hazmat Flag:
Piston Ring Style:
Garage Sale:
Piston Ring Design:
Top Ring Material:
Plasma Moly Coated Cast Iron
Second Ring Material:
Plasma Moly Coated Cast Iron
Top Ring Thickness:
Second Ring Thickness:
Oil Ring Thickness:
Oil Ring Tension:
Standard Tension
Piston Ring Diameter:
Speedway Pro Series File-Fit Piston Rings, 4.00 Bore, Style C

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What's in the Box

By using an 80,000 psi low friction, low porosity plasma moly top ring along with purpose build second and oil rings, we have the best rings for the buck on the market. You will make more horsepower over other brands using these rings due to the unique design and ring face finish. 20+ additional horsepower has been seen using these rings. File fit design.

  • Top  1/16"
  • 2nd  1/16"
  • Oil  3/16"

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Speedway Piston Ring Hierarchy

  • Good - Speedway Gas Proven Series
  • Better -Speedway Moly
  • Best - Speedway Plasma Moly
  • Ultimate Race - Speedway Pro Series

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Verified Purchaser
Boise, ID, USA
Product Rating

Low Cost High Quality

February 09, 2015
No fluff in the packaging. Seems to be a high quality ring set without paying for full color brochures and shiny boxes.
Yes, I recommend this product.
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