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Speedway Lower Shock Mounting Plate

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Speedway Lower Shock Mounting Plate

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Steel lower shock mounting plate. Choose left or right. Eases the mounting of rear shocks.

  • Accepts 2.5" spring
  • Bolt holes are 3-5/8" apart center to center
  • Bolt holes are 3-1/8" center to center on flange sides
  • Bolt holes are 9/16" I.D.
  • Single shock boss

Note: The left shock mounting plate is shown on the left side of the photograph. The right shock mounting plate is shown on the right side of the photograph.

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Speedway Aluminum Extruded Leaf Spring Lowering Blocks
(Part #91643)

Our lightweight extruded aluminum lowering blocks are stronger than billet!  Available in several heights, all 2-1/2" wide, 5" long.  The centering pin is 9/16".  These blocks will increase or decrease suspension height on most leaf spring applications and can be installed below the leaf spring to raise the vehicle or on top of the leaf spring to lower the vehicle. These lowering blocks allow you to lower your leaf spring vehicle by up to 4 inches.  Heavy Duty U-bolts and hardware are available separately.

  • Lightweight aluminum lowering blocks are stronger than billet
  • 2-1/2" wide
  • 5" long
  • 9/16" centering pin
  • Increase or decrease suspension height on most leaf spring applications
  • Allows you to lower your leaf spring vehicle by up to 4 inches
  • U-bolts and hardware available separately

Lowering blocks are sold individually (each).

THICKNESS options explained:

  • 025 = 1/4" thick
  • 050 = 1/2" thick
  • 075 = 3/4" thick
  • 100 = 1" thick
  • 150 = 1.5" thick
  • 200 = 2" thick
  • 250 = 2.5" thick
  • 300 = 3" thick
  • 350 = 3.5" thick
  • 400 = 4" thick
Leaf Spring Pinion Angle Shims
(Part #916433)
                        These aluminum leaf spring shims allow you to correct your pinion angle. Availalbe in 2° and 4° angles. Fits 2-1/2" wide springs.
Universal Lower Leaf Spring Plate
(Part #91643510)
                        These universal lower leaf spring plates include mounts for shocks and a sway bar. LH and RH.
Universal Leaf Spring Plate
(Part #91720248)
                        Our universal leaf spring plate features a 1/2" mounting boss on both the front and rear allowing it to work on either side or to run two shocks.

U-bolt holes are 9/16" I.D. Will accept a 3" spring.
Speedway Heavy Duty Chrysler Type Leaf Spring Sliders
(Part #91043306)

Leaf spring sliders bolt on in place of shackles. Heavy duty versions feature roller bearings that keep car from binding up during suspension movement. Comes with brass bushing for 1" I.D. spring eye.

Designed for Chrysler type mono-leaf and multi-leaf racing springs. They must be altered and modified to work with the Camaro/Nova/Firebird leaf springs.

  • Eliminates "jacking" problem associated with loading & unloading of the shackles
  • Helps maintain consistent spring rate for predictable handling
  • More rigid than typical shackle/bushing combination
  • Requires periodic lubrication of the bearings

Leaf Spring Slider Tech (GIF)

Adjustable Lowering Block
(Part #91043320)
                        Adjustable lowering block allow you to adjust the lead in the rear  end. Available in 4 different heights: 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2" or 3". All sizes are 2-1/2" wide. This item is sold individually.
Camaro Leaf Spring Sliders
(Part #91043305)
  • Fewer tendencies to bind laterally during cornering
  • Improve the handling consistency and predictability
  • Replaces spring shackles
  • Roller bearing design prevents binding
  • Frees up car during suspension movement
  • Pre-drilled holes for bolt-on applications
  • Designed specifically for Camaro leaf springs
Speedway Leaf Spring U-Bolt, 10 Inch Long
(Part #91043800)

Speedway leaf sping axle U-bolts are heat treated and zinc plated to ensure long life and durability. All bolts are 1/2" diameter. Fits 3" diameter axle tubes.

Speedway Weld-On Spring Pad for 3 Inch Axle Tube
(Part #54585090)

These weld-on leaf spring pads fit 3" diameter axle tubes. Works with all 2-1/2" wide leaf springs.