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Speedway LS1 Polished Aluminum Starter


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What's in the Box

If you want good looks and function, this is the starter for you. This aluminum starter has the solenoid built-in and the nose piece can be indexed to allow header clearance in most applications. With 200 ft. lbs. of torque, this polished beauty will be the perfect finishing touch for your pride and joy.

Fits GM LS1 engines. 

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Taylor Cable 20009 Diamondback Braided Stainless Battery Cable, 9 Inch
  • Braided alloy shielding resists high heat and abrasion
  • Heavy 4 gauge, 100% copper with SXL insulation
  • Solid brass battery terminals are 3 times more conductive than lead
  • Accents braided lines and hoses
  • Post terminal clamp is 3/4"
Taylor Cable 20112 Diamondback Shielded Starter to Switch Cable 12 In.
  • Braided alloy shielding resists high heat and abrasion
  • Heavy 4 gauge, 100% copper with SXL insulation
  • Accents braided lines and hoses
  • Cable has eyelet on both ends
Garage Sale - Priority Start Automatic Starting Protector
                        This amazing, patented, made in USA device will automatically disconnect your battery from your vehicle's electrical system if it discharges to a predetermined level. This still gives you sufficient power to restart your vehicle at a later time. This cut-off level means no more dead batteries due to lights or radio left on accidentally, small battery loads that drain a battery over time, defective circuits that sap power even when the engine is off, extended vehicle storage, etc. Ingenious circuitry then automatically reconnects the system when you get in and turn the key - and with the battery's full power the engine spins over easily and starts, whether after 10 minutes, 10 weeks or more! 

• Automatic battery reconnect
• Simple installation
• Safety and convenience
• Maximizes battery life
• Designed for under-hood environment
• Engine run & hazard light protection
• Starting surge & polarity protection
• Transferable from vehicle to vehicle
• One universal design fits both top-post or side-post batteries
• Ability to use accessories when engine is off
• Gives great peace of mind: You and your loved ones need never fear being stranded in the dark or cold, remote or "bad" part of town
• Maintains battery voltage in vehicles that see prolonged storage.


This prioriry start is garage sale priced because it has been discontinued from our current product line.



MSD 5096 GM LS1-LS7 DynaForce Gear Reduction Starter

The new DynaForce Starter is designed to crank over the highest compression engines on a hot day in Death Valley. Not that too many race cars are sitting in Death Valley, but it’s good to know that you have the oomph to make it happen. The DynaForce Starter features all new components beginning with a three horsepower motor. This power is used to crank over the reduced 4.4:1 gear set to deliver great torque to the engine’s ring gear to get the engine turning. The armature is balanced during assembly and is guided by two ball bearings for smooth engagement and thousands of starts. The downsized housing clears most headers and oil pans, but just in case, we made the billet mount so it can be clocked in different positions to help in tight applications. The assembly is powder coated MSD red and will stay looking good, even though it’s underneath your car.  WILL NOT FIT GTO's.  For GM LS Series Engines.

  • Gear reduction of 4.4:1 improves torque for great cranking
  • Three horsepower motor provides power for high compression engines
  • Ball bearing supported armature and pinion gear
  • Downsized design helps clearance issues with oil pans and exhaust
  • Mount can be clocked to assist in mounting

547-5096 Instructions (pdf)

Speedway 18 Ft. Battery Cable

Two-gauge standard copper battery wire with ends.  This kit is intended for use with top-post batteries. It contains a 2 ft. long negative battery cable with terminals on both ends. The 18 ft. positive cable has a terminal (post clamp) at the 'battery' end, and a terminal to crimp on the other end.

Also included: 6 E-Z ties and 4 short pieces of shrink sleeve.

Powermaster 9509 GM LS1 Gear Reduction Starter

Powermaster XS Torque starters are THE choice for highly modified engines or where heat soak or space limitation is a concern. The compact gear reduction design is perfect for street rods or street machines with close header clearance.

  • Highest Torque
  • Most Efficient
  • No Heat Soak Problems
  • Clears All Headers
  • Clears Oil Pans, OE Location
  • Billet Aluminum Adapter Block
  • 4.4:1 Gear Reduction Ratio
  • Cranking Power For up to 18:1 Compression
  • Mounting Bolts Included
  • Dyno Test Results Included
  • Weight: 8.0 lbs.