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Speedway Cast Iron Drilled Scalloped Brake Rotor - 12.19 x .810

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Rotor Construction:
Rotor Hat Bolt Pattern:
8 x 7.00"
Material Type:
Cast Iron
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Speedway Cast Iron Drilled Scalloped Brake Rotor - 12.19 x .810

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Speedways premium 12.19" x .810" drilled & scalloped vented cast iron brake rotors weigh only 5.56 lbs.

Item Details

0.81 x 12.19
8 x 7" B.C.


Proper Break-In Procedure for Steel or Cast Iron Rotors

New steel/iron rotors should be bedded in before being used in racing conditions. Proper bedding will prepare the rotor surface, prolong the rotor's life, and make it more resistant to thermal checking or cracking under severe braking conditions. The following procedures should be performed when bedding in both steel and cast iron rotors. It is best to bed in a new rotor using a used set of pads, preferably ones which will not create heat rapidly. Generating heat too rapidly will thermal shock the rotors. Likewise, when bedding in a new set of brake pads it is best to perform the process on a used rotor. This new/used bedding process permits controlled bedding of each individual component.

Make sure rotor surfaces are free from oils, grease, and brake fluid. Run vehicle up to a moderate speed and make several medium deceleration stops to heat up the rotor slowly. This will help reduce the chance of thermal shock caused by uneven heating of the rotor. Pull into the pits and allow the rotor to cool to ambient air temperature. Care should be taken not to ride the brakes into the pits as this may hot spot the rotor causing premature wear to the surface or structural damage.


  • Vented iron 
  • Inboard mounted (Sprints)
  • Thickness: 0.81"
  • O.D.: 12.19"
  • Bolt Circle: 8 x 7"
  • Threads:  Thru
  • Weight: 5.56 lbs
  • Face: drilled & scalloped

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Wilwood 160-8136 Ultralite 32 Vane Vented Scalloped Iron Rotor, 12.19
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Racers are constantly searching for the ultimate balance between the lowest weight & the ability to effectively manage heat. Decreased rotating weight in the drive line provides quicker deceleration under braking and quicker acceleration out of the corners. Lower weight also benefits handling with improved spring and shock control over the unsprung suspension mass. Wilwoods ULS-32 scalloped iron rotors provides effective lightweight options for sprints, late models, modifieds & other competition applications that race in low to medium temperature ranges.

  • Scallop configuration provides greatest weight reduction on a vented straight vane iron rotor
  • Scallop machining removes as much as three pounds, or nearly 33% of the rotor mass
  • Vented castings provide increased cooling capacity over machined steel plate rotors
  • Improved structural durability over drilled rotor designs
  • Vented iron
  • Inboard mounted
  • Threads:  Thru

Note: Suitable for Light Dirt Racing applications. Scalloped Brake Rotors are unsafe for street use.

Rotor Application Chart (GIF)

Item Details

0.81 X 12.19
8 x 7" B.C.
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Speedway Cast Iron Scalloped Brake Rotor - 12.19 x .81 Inch
(Part #94031060)
                        Speedways premium 32 Vane scalloped cast iron brake rotors weigh only 6.13 lbs. 12.19" x .81", 8 on 7 thru.

Item Details

0.81 X 12.19
8 x 7" B.C.