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Speedway Chrome SB Chevy 350 Fluid Crank Damper, 6.25 Inch

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Speedway Chrome SB Chevy 350 Fluid Crank Damper, 6.25 Inch

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What's in the Box

Chrome plated steel balancer for S/B Chevy 350 c.i. V-8. Degreed from 10° ATDC to 50° BTDC. SFI serial number and timing marks are etched on the outer ring.

  • Forged from 1025 low carbon steel  
  • Injected with high viscosity silicone fluid
  • Rated to 12,500 RPM
  • SFI 18.1 certified

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Bolts of various lengths in sizes of 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 8mm are included along with adapters to 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 3/4 and 12, 14, and 16mm.  Kit works on most domestic vehicles and includes the 78 and up metric chassis cars.

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ARP Fasteners 234-2501 Small Block Chevy Balancer Bolt & Washer
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  • For S/B Chevy
  • UHL - 2.470"
  • Thread Size - 7/16-20
  • Wrenching - 13/16"
  • Washer Included
Small Block Chevy Harmonic Balancer, 6-3/4 Inch, Black
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Small block Chevy stock-type replacement 6-3/4" diameter harmonic balancer. For internal balance engines.

  • NOT recommended for RPM's in excess of 6500
  • NOT SFI certified
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Fluidampr Balancers 620101 Small Block Chevy Crank Damper, 6.25 Inch
(Part #755712615)

Eliminates crankshaft breaks, reduces wear on main bearings and increases horsepower. Fits 262-350 Small Block Chevy 1955-up (will not fit '92-up LT1). Internal balanced. 

  • 6-1/4" diameter
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  • Steel housing
  • Black zinc chromate finsih
Speedway Small Block Chevy 350 Fluid Crank Damper, 6.25 Inch
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Balancer for Small Block Chevy 350 c.i. V-8. Degreed from 10o ATDC to 50o BTDC.  SFI 18.1 certified.

Professional Products Small Block Chevy 6 Inch Harmonic Balancer, SFI
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This is a SFI certified 6" internally balanced Small Block Chevy harmonic balancer. It has 60 timing marks plus engraved marks every 90 degrees.

  • 18.1 SFI Rating
  • Steel
  • Painted
  • Sold Individually 


Aluminum Lower Pulley Screw Kit, Coarse Thread
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Set of three Allen bolts for lower aluminum water pump pulley.

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