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Speedway Chevy Polished Aluminum Starter

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Speedway Chevy Polished Aluminum Starter
Speedway Chevy Polished Aluminum Starter
Speedway Chevy Polished Aluminum Starter

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Q & A

What's in the Box

If you want good looks and function, this is the starter for you. This aluminum starter has the solenoid built-in and the nose piece can be indexed to allow header clearance in most applications. With 200 ft. lbs. of torque, this polished beauty will be the perfect finishing touch for your pride and joy.

Fits both S/B and B/B Chevy. 

Instructions (PDF) 

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Taylor Cable 20112 Diamondback Shielded Starter to Switch Cable 12 In.
(Part #69820112)
  • Braided alloy shielding resists high heat and abrasion
  • Heavy 4 gauge, 100% copper with SXL insulation
  • Accents braided lines and hoses
  • Cable has eyelet on both ends
Powermaster 8-17926 Snug-Fit Chrome Alternator, 100 Amp
(Part #91068126)

This 100 amp PowerMaster 1-wire alternator mounts on the lower left front of your Small Block Chevy. This is a simple one-wire hook-up and includes the bracket and hardware, and pulley.

100 Amp Alternator Installation Instructions (PDF)

Tuff Stuff Chevy Super-Mini Starter, 153 or 168 Tooth Flywheel
(Part #9106772)

These are called "super" starters because they put out a whopping 2.6 hp. If you don't want to worry if your starter will crank over your high compression engine, get one of these. Choose plain black or chrome finish.

  • Works with 153 or 168 tooth flywheels 
  • Small and Big Block Chevy engines
  • Works with big cubic inch high compression engines
  • Generates 2.6 horsepower
  • 1.6 kilowatts
  • Gear Reduction
  • Choose either:
    • PLN = Black finish 
    • CHR= Chrome finish
Speedway 18 Ft. Battery Cable
(Part #91064505)

Two-gauge standard copper battery wire with ends.  This kit is intended for use with top-post batteries. It contains a 2 ft. long negative battery cable with terminals on both ends. The 18 ft. positive cable has a terminal (post clamp) at the 'battery' end, and a terminal to crimp on the other end.

Also included: 6 E-Z ties and 4 short pieces of shrink sleeve.