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Speedway Chevy 350 Crankshaft, Two-Piece Main

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Speedway Chevy 350 Crankshaft, Two-Piece Main

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Q & A

What's in the Box

New, hi-tech fatigue resistant 80-60-06 cast steel crank with near forged steel endurance. All journals are ground and polished to exacting tolerances. Superior quality stock replacement crank at a value price.

  • IMCA southern sport mod legal (Drilled only on the first rod throw)
  • Angle oil shot holes 

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Scat 435010 Chevy 350 Crankshaft, 4340 Forged, 3.48 Stroke, 350 Main
(Part #91515500)

As you make more and more power it becomes more important to use quality parts. These Scat 4340 forged steel cranks will help keep your motor alive.

  • For 2-piece rear main blocks
  • 2.100" rod pin
  • 51 lbs.
  • Straight shot & chamfered oil holes
  • Nitride hardened for superior wear reisistance
  • Lightening holes in all rod throws
  • Large radius on all journals
  • Heat treated, shot peened
  • Designed at SCAT
  • Engineered at SCAT
  • Inspected & micropolished at SCAT

Note: If you are going to run 915-15500 in a sprint car motor, you must have the crank flange turned down prior to balancing the crank to allow it to go through the motor plate. 

Scat 9-10442 Chevy 350 Crankshaft, Cast Steel
(Part #915104420)

Scat's hi-tech, fatigue resistant 80-60-06 cast steel cranks have near forged steel endurance at a value price! Designed to replace stock cranks that have seen better days. Perfect for stock or mildly built engines.

  • For 2-piece rear main blocks
  • Precision ground and micro polished
  • Internally Balance
  • IMCA southern sport mod legal (Drilled only on the first rod throw)
  • Angle oil shot holes 
Clevite P-Series 1969-Up Small Block Chevy Main Bearings
(Part #757M338)

Not to be confused with standard "passenger" car bearings, Clevite's P-Series is their oldest line of premium high performance bearings. These sets are specifically for 302-305-327-350 S/B Chevy "Large Journal" engines built from 1969-Up (with 2.100" rod journal).

  • Use P-Series rod bearings where extremely high RPM’s cause severe rod bore close-in.
  • Use P-Series main bearings where higher eccentricity is desired to narrow bearing contact patterns and to provide increased oiling to rod bearings.

Note: Will not work with 400 c.i. V-8.

P-Series Features (Link)

Clevite Application Chart

Green Plastigauge for Bearing Clearance, .001-.003 Inch
(Part #9151004)
                        Place a piece of this thread on a rod or main journal, torque cap in place, remove cap and by using the included chart, you know what your bearing clearance is. You should have one of each when assembling your engine. 
Manley 190310 Forged Lightweight Small Block Chevy Crankshaft
(Part #505190310)

This forged crankshaft from Manley Performance is great for IMCA RaceSaver and other classes that require a 48-50 pound crankshaft. The 4320 non-twist forging design allows for internal balance.  For Small Block Chevy applications.


  • 2 piece rear main seal
  • OEM "appearing"
  • Not drilled on second/third rod throws
  • No knife edge or undercut
  • 48 - 50 lbs total weight 


  • 3.480" stroke
  • 5.700" min rod length
  • 2.450" main journal diameter
  • 2.100" rod journal
  • 1800 gram bob weight
1969-Up Small Block Chevy Narrowed Rod Bearings
(Part #91615388)
                        We start with a Clevite 77 # CB663P-STD standard size rod bearing and clearance chamfer cut it to fit large fillet radius cranks. Fits small block Chevy large journal (2.100" rod journal) crankshafts.