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Speedway Adjustable Small Block Chevy Aluminum Short Water Pump


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Mounted Length:
Shaft Length:
Hose ID:
Gasket(s) Included:
Heater Inlet Size:
1/2" NPT
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Clearance from back of pump to engine block mount is 1.00" Pulley hub is retained with a set screw. Pump has bosses that can be drilled/tapped on either side for bypass hose attachment.

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Speedway's adjustable water pump is tried, tested and true. It has great flow, superior quality and standard features that are typically only available on water pumps costing twice as much. State-of-the-art aluminum casting and a precision impeller provide equal flow to both cylinder banks. If you're using a cog belt on your race car, this is the pump you want since it's adjustable. The 1/2" mount holes in this pump are larger than normal, allowing it to be moved up or down slightly to help with belt tension.

  • Adjustable mounting holes
  • High flow and pressure rates
  • Adjustable cam stop
  • Extra-thick fan hub
  • 3/4" inch heavy duty bearing
  • Pressed-fit and set-screw-retained fan hub
  • Large-diameter shaft and reinforced housing make it ideal for oval-track applications

910-15582 Instructions (PDF)

Learn how to choose the correct water pump for your application by reading our tech article.  SBC - Short vs Long Water Pump


  1. Water Pump ID Illustration (GIF)
  2. Can also be used as a high-performance replacement on 1971-1982 Corvettes.

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Chevy Short Water Pump Bolt Kit, Stainless Steel

These stainless steel bolt kits will dress up your Small Block Chevy engine while giving it corrosion-resistant performance. Allen head.

This includes:

  • 3 each 3/8-16 x 1 3/4 Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screw
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Stewart Components 32200 S/B Chevy Short Stage 3 Adjustable Water Pump

These pumps are assembled with 356-T6 heat treated aluminum castings. Precision CNC machined components. The fan hubs are 1/2" thick and machined from billet steel. These pumps are preferred by many top engine builders for higher RPM applications.

These stage 3 water pumps feature 1/2" thick steel fan hub with set screw for positive positioning and 356-T6 heat treated aluminum casting. The S/B Chevy pump has an extra rigid cam stop with a 3/8" adjusting screw. The extra material adjacent to the block mounting bolts allows drilling and tapping up to 1/2" NPT holes for external cooling lines on S/B Chevy. There is higher flow and pressure for better cooling as well as equal flow to right and left cylinder heads. The 3/4" bearings offer 5 times the strength of standard bearings. Precision impeller installed to exacting tolerances. One year manufacturers warranty.

910-155 Instructions (pdf)


Small Block Chevy Short Heavy Duty Aluminum Water Pump
                        This super heavy duty race water pump features additional casting designs for more strength and reinforcement, plus a 3/4" fan pilot shaft and super duty bearing. It has 1/2" NPT threaded outlets on both the top and side, plus a 3/16" steel rear plate. It weighs 7-3/4 lbs.
  • 3/4" fan snout
  • Extra thick fan hub
  • 3/4" ultra duty bearings
  • Threaded for adjustable cam stop
  • State of the art aluminum castings
  • Equal flow to both cylinder banks
  • Precision impeller
  • Higher flow and pressure

910-15581 Instructions (PDF)

Learn how to choose the correct water pump for your application by reading our tech article.  SBC - Short vs Long Water Pump.