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Speedway 18 Ft. Battery Cable


Overall Length:
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Includes 2' long black negative cable, crimp end terminal, 6 E-Z ties, and 4 short pieces of shrink sleeve.

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a kit.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Two-gauge standard copper battery wire with ends.  This kit is intended for use with top-post batteries. It contains a 2 ft. long negative battery cable with terminals on both ends. The 18 ft. positive cable has a terminal (post clamp) at the 'battery' end, and a terminal to crimp on the other end.

Also included: 6 E-Z ties and 4 short pieces of shrink sleeve.

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Accel 1843 Battery Cable, 3 Feet, 2 Gauge, Black Ground Cable

ACCEL battery wire is half the weight of traditional battery cable. The copper clad aluminum design allows your racecar to have the same amount of energy and power running thru your battery cables but at half the weight. This allows you to lighten up your car or add weight were it will help the car handle better.

  • 3 Feet universal battery grounding cable- 2 Gauge ground wire in black
  • Lightning cable is half the weight of standard battery cable
  • Copper Clad aluminum allows maximum energy transfer
Accel 1853 Battery Cable Terminal Ends, Set of 4
                        These ACCEL 1853 battery cable terminal ends feature an eyelet, 2 Gauge fitting with a 3/8" hole and come in a set of 4.
  • Compression Fitting 2 Gauge
  • Simple Twist & Screw Connection
Accel 1858 Red Heat Shrink Sleeves, 4 Pack

These red shrink tubes work perfect for sealing battery terminal connections.  They protect battery to cable connections by creating a water tight seal. 

  • Ideal for use on battery cable connections or spark plug wires
  • 4 sleeves in a kit at 4 inches long each
Accel 1861 Top Post Battery Cable Ends, 2 Pack
                        These ACCEL battery cable terminals feature easy-to-use compression fittings for 2-gauge wire.  They are made from heavy-duty lead and will maintain high conductivity with your battery.
  • Easy-to-use compression fitting
  • Will work with ACCEL Lightning cables.
  • For 2-gauge wire
  • Made from heavy-duty lead
Longacre 48115 Deluxe Racing Battery Cable Kit
                        These kits are perfect for high output racing applications but will work with just about anything. They are designed for use with top post battery terminals and come complete with disconnect switch and heavy duty ground cable.  Installer must cut cable to desired lengths and then solder on the terminal ends provided.
  • 133 strand 1/0 pre-cut cables for entire system
  • Ends are factory soldered for a quick, simple installation
  • Includes solenoid and battery disconnect switch with panel
  • Starter cable is heat protected with Firebraid
  • Includes heavy duty 14" ground strap and all cables from battery to switch
  • Battery cable provided is 12.5 ft in length
Hammer-Style Bench Battery Cable Crimper
                        Hammer style crimper is something that everyone should have at home when making or replacing the ends of your battery cables.  Heavy-duty bench top model.
NOCO Battery Products TR1P Left Elbow Positive Terminal Ends

This left elbow positive terminal end is made of sand cast copper for superior connections and lasting performance.

  • Use with 2 gauge battery cable
  • Must be soldered in place
  • Exceeds SAE conductivity standards
NOCO Right Elbow Positive Terminal Ends

This right elbow positive end is made of sand cast copper for superior connections and lasting performance.

  • Use with 2 gauge battery cable
  • Must be soldered in place
  • Exceeds SAE conductivity standards