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Speedway 11/16 Inch Raw Tie Rod/Drag Link Tubing


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Q & A

What's in the Box

If you are building a hot rod just a little bit different than the next guy, you will probably need a special length tie rod or drag link sleeve. We stock many common and uncommon lengths. Measurements are in assembled eye-to-eye lengths.

To order:

  1. Use guide below to measure your finished length.
  2. The part number and length you order will be 3-1/2" longer than the sleeve you receive. (I.E., if you order a 48" part number, you will receive a 44-1/2" long sleeve.) This is the difference in length required to give you the correct finished center-to-center measurement.
  3. All sleeves will have internal RH thread in one end and LH thread in the other.

Measuring Guide for Tie Rod/Drag Link