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Powermaster 8-881 Snug Mount 100 AMP Alternator Kit

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Powermaster 8-881 Snug Mount 100 AMP Alternator Kit

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Mounts alternator on Iower driver's side. Fits S/B Chevy short water pump. Includes alternator, brackets, bolts, spacers, pulley and belt. Maintains 14.9 volts. From crankshaft centerline to outer edge of alternator is 12.3". 


  •  -Alternator
  •  -Alternator Pulley
  •  -Pulley-Crank Kit
  •  -Belt
  •  -Alternator Mounting Bracket


Powermaster's warranty is one year from the date of purchase on all
street rod components, and 90 days for any component use for an off road or race application.  

Powermaster will provide all warranty service and technical support
regarding warranty claims and inquiries directly to the purchaser to
resolve any warranty claims or necessary technical support for warranty
resolution.  Speedway Motors is not able to service, warranty, or
replace any unit that has a warranty consideration.  As such, the
component or components are to be returned to Powermaster and not to
Speedway Motors.  

All customers service inquiries pertaining to warranty and defect claims
are to be directed to Powermaster and not to Speedway Motors:

Powermaster Customer & Tech Support

Phone: (630) 957-4019


Any Powermaster product that is returned directly to Speedway Motors
that is not in a new condition, and that is being returned for warranty
replacement or refund consideration will be immediately forwarded on to
Powermaster from Speedway Motors on behalf of the purchaser with no
further action taken until received by Powermaster.  Powermaster will
then will provide both the purchaser and Speedway Motors with final
resolution as to the warranty claim.

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NOTE: Mini alternators are NOT IMCA approved for Hobby Stock or Sport Mod Divisions.

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