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Small Block Chevy and TH350 Auto Trans Mount Option For T Frame Kit


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Watch the videos below to learn more about Speedway Motors T-Bucket assembly and the completed project.




Q & A

What's in the Box

This T frame kit option includes tubular engine and transmission crossmembers welded into a '23 or '27 T-Bucket frame. Will accept S/B Chevy engine and TH-350 or TH-400 transmissions.

Note: When ordering this option with a T-Bucket frame kit, the frame will be shipped with these crossmembers welded to it.  As such, this engine/transmission crossmember option must be ordered with a T frame kit.   This is not available separate of a T frame kit.

If you are interested in the mounts separate of the T frame kit, please see the suggested items found below.


Frame Assembly
  • 1-1/2 X 3" Rectangular steel tube frame with 102" wheelbase
  • 3" O.D. round tube front crossmember
  • Spring-behind front suspension with 4" drop tube axle
  • Urethane-bushed front four bars and panhard bar
  • Choice of '37-'48 Ford or '49-'54 Chevy-style spindles with king pins fitted
  • Combination headlight and front shock mounts
  • Innovative triangulated four-bar rear suspension with urethane bushings and coilover shocks
  • Cross steering with Vega steering box
  • Frame assembly include: front spring, axle, spindles, and panhard bar; rear coilover shocks and panhard bar; front and rear four bars with urethane bushings; Vega steering box; master cylinder, bracket and pedal
  • Available with plain or chrome suspension components

Item Details

Mounts are welded to your frame when this item is purchased.

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S/B, B/B or 90 Degree V6 Chevy Crossmember Mount

Mount a Chevy engine in almost any frame up to 39" wide. Heavy wall 1-3/4" tubing, MIG welded. Comes with ends for bolt-in or weld-in applications.

  • Maximum working width: 39"
  • Minimum working width: 21"
  • 5.50" center drop

Use with 1964-1967 Chevy-style mounts 91018012 (rubber) or 91018015 (polyurethane).

Tubular Transmission Mount with 8 Inch Drop

Universal rear transmission mounts and heavy duty tube crossmember. Fit most GM, Ford, and Mopar manual and auto transmissions. Black powder coated finish. Crossmember must be welded directly into frame or to 3 hole mounting flanges for bolt-in application. Fits frames up to 38" wide.


Note: May require re-drilling of the mount holes when used with Ford C4/C6 trans cushion 910-18017.

Small Block Chevy Engine Mount Kit
                        These complete engine conversion mount kits are perfect for that custom hot rod.  They are designed to work with almost any fame that is up to 39" wide.  They feature heavy duty tubing with quality welds sure to hold up to all that SBC horsepower.  Kits include 3-bolt rubber motor mounts and crossmember with ends for either bolt-in or weld-in applications.
  • Crossmember mounts a Chevy engine in almost any frame up to 39" wide
  • Heavy wall 1-3/4" tubing, MIG welded
  • Comes with ends for bolt-in or weld-in applications
  • 3-bolt S/B Chevy rubber motor mounts are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Unique rubber formula provides good abrasion resistance and aging stability
3-Bolt Chevy Rubber Motor Mounts for 90 Degree V6, Small Block/Big Block V8

These 3-bolt S/B Chevy rubber motor mounts are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Fits most 1958-73 Chevy passenger cars with small block V8. Sold as a pair.

  • Unique rubber formula provides good abrasion resistance and aging stability
  • Ensures maximum life and performance
  • Application-specific Durometer (hardness) based on engine weight & torque
  • Special Chemlock® bonding agent ensures superior rubber-to-metal bond
Rubber GM Transmission Cushion

OEM-style rubber transmission cushion for many '58-'82 GM transmissions including TH350 auto, Muncie, Saginaw, and others.

  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications 
  • Rubber formulation provides abrasion resistance and aging stability
  • Tough, hardened steel plate & inserts
  • Chemlock® bonding agent ensures superior rubber-to-metal bond