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Small Block Chevy Polished Adjustable Timing Pointer


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Will work on balancers up to 7".

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What's in the Box

Have you ever degreed in your cam only to have the timing mark off on the tab? This billet aluminum pointer is adjustable to cure the problem. Fits S/B Chevy with up to 7" balancer.

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This MSD Timing Pro is constructed with solid state circuitry and uses a Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) that provides accurate and stable timing signals from 0 to 8,000 rpm. This rugged timing light is built to work in rough environments such as racing pits or professional mechanic shops. The MSD Timing Light’s lightweight assembly is injection molded for great durability and produces an intense strobe that is easy to view even in daylight. The inductive pickup is detachable for easy storage and for safety measures while the battery clamps provide a strong grip to the terminals.The battery clamps are color-coded and insulated for tight, safe connections.

  • Detachable Leads
  • Secure pick-up
  • No retard as RPM Increases
Small Block Chevy Tru-Cam Correct
                        Speedway's Tru Cam Correct is a must for all small block Chevys using a timing chain. Revolutionary tensioner gives cam timing accuracy of a gear drive, especially in motors that have been line bored. Accurate cam timing will give you more power, quicker acceleration, and better mileage. 

Includes instructions and drill fixture.

Small Block Chevy Cam Correct Installation Instructions (pdf)

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