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Small Block Chevy Copper Oil Pump Mounting Gaskets

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Small Block Chevy Copper Oil Pump Mounting Gaskets

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  • This item is sold as a bag.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Does your oil pump leak where it mounts to the main cap? Not anymore with our dead soft copper oil pump mounting gaskets.

Bag of 3 gaskets.

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Red Line 81403 Cam Break-In Oil Lube Additive
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A lot has happened over the last year that affects your engine. The biggest is the reduction of zinc in the oils you use. Zinc is a great anti-friction additive but it also gets burned in the combustion chamber and then goes out the tailpipe of your car or truck. 

This adds to the pollution problem on street driven cars, but not so much in race engines as they tend to be more efficient and have a better ring package. 

Odds are the oil you are using does not have as much zinc in it anymore and you need to add this camshaft break-in additive. 

If not, you can wipe out your new cam and lifters in the first 30 seconds of running.  Adding Redline's additive when you assemble your engine and with each oil change will ensure you have enough additives to help keep your engine alive.