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Fuel System Service

Shop Fuel System Service At Speedway Motors

The right tools can make any job easier. Whether you are working in the shop, in the pits or on a new engine, Speedway Motors has the fuel system service tools you need to get the job done quickly and done right.


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  • Stromberg Carburetor Jet Wrench
    Stromberg Carburetor Jet Wrench
    (Part #91081106)
                This jet wrench is built to fit original Stromberg carburetor jets. Aftermarket Stromberg jets are approximately 0.011" thicker. You can lightly tap the wrench onto aftermarket jets to initially remove the jet, and then simply file the 2 flat sides until the wrench fits the jet properly. 
  • Teflon Hose Tool
    Product Rating: 5.00 Stars
    Teflon Hose Tool
    (Part #6173646)
                This hand-held tool is designed to seat Teflon tube against a sleeve. Use with smooth-bore Teflon hose in sizes AN3, AN4, AN5, AN6, AN8, AN10 and AN12. 
  • Edelbrock 4025 Uni-Syn Carburetor Synchronizing Tool
    Edelbrock 4025 Uni-Syn Carburetor Synchronizing Tool
    (Part #3254025)

    If you have more than one carb on your hot rod, you need one of these "Uni-Syn" carb synchronizing tools. Just set on the top of your carb and adjust until all the carbs in your tri-power three deuce set-up read the same. 

    Works well on small one barrel and two barrel carbs (downdraft or side-draft). Fits carb necks from 1-3/8" up to 3".

  • Heavy Duty Carb Storage Box
    Product Rating: 3.00 Stars
    Heavy Duty Carb Storage Box
    (Part #91011540)
                This heavy duty plastic carb box allows you to keep your 2 or 4 barrel Holly carb clean and safe.
  • Fuel Safe Fuel Level Indicator Stick
    Fuel Safe Fuel Level Indicator Stick
    (Part #91011782)

    Fuel level indicator stick ideal for checking fuel level in all types of fuel tanks from sprint tanks to off road racing cells. Unique design allows you to insert fuel level stick into any fuel tank, fuel enters the clear fill tube via a one way check valve in the bottom of the stick. Withdraw the stick from the tank and check your fuel level against pre-set fuel level markings on the stick. Once you've determined the fuel level in the tank, simply dump the clean gas back in the tank.

    • No Mess!
    • No Spill!
    • Works in low light conditions!
    • 36" length Comes complete with adjustable fuel level markers that can be calibrated to your system
    • Endorsed by 3 time World of Outlaws Sprint Car Champion Sammy Swindell
  • Speedway Jet Driver
    Speedway Jet Driver
    (Part #4252668)
                Special driver for use on quick-change bowls. 
  • Jet Wrench
    Product Rating: 5.00 Stars
    Jet Wrench
    (Part #91689401)
                          No need to remove your carburetor or distributor to handle jet replacement, with Speedway Motors' Holley Jet Wrench!

    Speedway has been racing for more than 50 years, and saw the need for a handy wrench to make Holley rear jet replacement easier. The wrench's precision designed tip fits snugly into the jets. Poor fitting and misaligned screwdrivers can cause external jet damage and affect fuel flow.

    The short size and 90-degree end provides just the angle needed to properly loosen and snug jets into place, while easily working between the distributor and carb. The opposite end of the wrench is designed to handle bowl screw removal, opening the gas level plug, as well as float screw adjustment.

  • Jet Board
    Jet Board
    (Part #91681105)
                Protects and keeps 88 Holley jets in order. Threaded front and back. Anodized alum.
  • Kinsler Fuel Injection 6014 Alky Hydrometer
    Kinsler Fuel Injection 6014 Alky Hydrometer
    (Part #4731000)
                Check for fuel quality and foreign substances in fuel with the Kinsler alky hydrometer. .640 to .810. Comes with burette, two hydrometers and instructions in a foam-lined hardwood box.