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Shop Street Rod Body, Interior & Gauges At Speedway Motors

Speedway Motors is the street rodder's source for body parts, gauges, and interior accessories! Find all the essential fiberglass body components, gauge sets by Stewart Warner and Auto Meter, and hot rod bomber seats, in our online catalog. While you are there, check out our full line of script emblems, rear view mirrors, windshields, fiberglass hoods and grilles. Complete your hot rod with sound proof insulation from Dynalite and Hushmat. Don't forget about Speedway's hot rod bomber seats for your traditional street rod, too!


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  • Universal Expanding Body Mounts
    Universal Expanding Body Mounts
    (Part #715BM401)

    If you are building a lightweight car like a "T" or an "A", mounting the body may present a problem. These neat expanding rubber universal body mounts allow you to drill a 3/4" hole in the top of the frame, insert a 3/8" coarse bolt, tighten, then the body is mounted.

    Not recommended for cars newer than 1934.

  • 1932 Ford Chopped Grille Shells
    1932 Ford Chopped Grille Shells
    (Part #97451532)

    This 1932 Lo-Boy grille shell features a full hood mounting lip and has the filler cap/trim piece area smoothed over. Fiberglass construction. 4-1/2" chopped from stock height.

    • Height for radiator to fit through is 27-1/2"
    • Wide for radiator is 18-3/4"
    • Overall width = 8"
    • Depth of the grill from front = 1-3/4"
    • Depth of the grill from rear = 3-5/8" 

    This product is made to order-quantities may vary. Please allow three to four weeks lead time. 

  • 1932 Ford Fiberglass Hood, 5/8 Inch Longer
    1932 Ford Fiberglass Hood, 5/8 Inch Longer
    (Part #97693108)
                One piece fiberglass hood with side flange. Top only, no sides. This is an outer skin only and will require fabrication and additional mounting hardware. You may be required to obtain original components for your application. Features a glossy gelcoat finish that is ready for paint preparations.  The hood may require some trimming to fit your body and to achieve your desired  panel gaps.      

    Ships UPS oversize.

    This product is usually in stock. However, if it is not, please allow three to four weeks for delivery. 

  • Chrome Deck Lid Hinges
    Chrome Deck Lid Hinges
    (Part #91652817)

    The compact design of these chrome deck lid hinges allow easy installation of all types of trunk lids and access panels.

    • Each half is 3" long
    • Each half is .496" wide and .496" tall
    • Two attachment studs per half 3/4" center to center
    • First attachment stud is 1/2" from end
    • Studs are 3/4" long and come with nuts and washers
    • 5.50" Overall Length
    • 1.1875" Width at Hinge
  • 1932 Lo-Boy Hood Top & Sides
    1932 Lo-Boy Hood Top & Sides
    (Part #97693113)
                This kit includes a fiberglass hood top and two fiberglass side panels which roll under the frame. Hood measures 32-5/8". Fits Speedway 1932 Lo-Boy.
  • Speedway 1932 Lo-Boy Roadster Body Kit Car
    Speedway 1932 Lo-Boy Roadster Body Kit Car
    (Part #97693200)

    If you have ever wanted a 1932 Roadster but don't like the cramped cockpit, Speedway has the answer!  We started with a clean slate and no expense was spared in the development of this classic street rod. By stretching the chassis and adding 2" to the length of the doors, you are able to get in and out of the car much easier. Also by moving the seat back 2", you have much more leg room and a smoother ride than an original 1932 Ford.

    The Speedway Lo-Boy has been one of the most celebrated kit cars ever. Featured in Hot Rod Magazine, Street Rodder, and Rod & Custom Magazine, this car has recieved a great deal of publicity and acclaim. Correctly styled and authentically reproduced, the Lo-Boy Roadster revitalizes the hot rodding spirit that made the 1932 Ford a legend in America’s automotive history books. Designed for nostalgic originality, the Lo-Boy features a unique channeled look, which was quite popular in the early days of hot rodding. 

    The Lo-Boy body kit features a reinforced fiberglass 1932 Ford Roadster reproduction body, custom floor pan with transmission and driveshaft tunnel, passenger compartment bulkhead panel and trunk floor pan.  It also includes functional doors with inner panels installed, as well as a deck lid with inner panel installed.  Door jam structure braces, integral rear roll pan and rubber body mounting pads are also included.

    The body sits upon our custom 106" whe

  • Speedway 1932 Lo-Boy Roadster Kit Car Frame Assembly
    Speedway 1932 Lo-Boy Roadster Kit Car Frame Assembly
    (Part #97693250)
                Please view the product's page for more information