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Shop Open Wheel  Apparel & Gifts At Speedway Motors

Nobody has more experience in open-wheel racing than Speedway Motors! It doesn’t matter whether you race 305, 360 or 410 series, or with the World of Outlaws or USAC, Speedway has the sprint car and midget parts you need - in stock and ready to ship. Be sure to check out our selection of parts for mini sprints and micro sprints, too.

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  • Weiand Blue Retro T-Shirt
    From: $14.99
    Product Rating: 5.00 Stars
    Weiand Blue Retro T-Shirt
    (Part #8051002)
                Show the world that you care about hot rodding heritage with a retro-style t-shirt from a big name in the industry - Weiand. 
  • DVD - Understanding Cam & Valvetrain
    DVD - Understanding Cam & Valvetrain
    (Part #91085312)
                This 93 minute long DVD shows you cam and valvetrain tips and installation. You will see things on this DVD you have never even thought of.  
  • FlairHair Visor, Flame w/ Brown Hair
    FlairHair Visor, Flame w/ Brown Hair
    (Part #1932002)
                Maybe you don't have quite as much hair upstairs as you used to. Or maybe you don't like the color of your hair. Or better yet, you want to keep the sun out of your eyes. One size fits almost everyone. 
  • Gaage Sale - Garton Hot Rod 7-1/2 Inch Tire, Treaded
    Gaage Sale - Garton Hot Rod 7-1/2 Inch Tire, Treaded
    (Part #91800197)

    This is garage sale priced because it has been discontinued. 



    7-1/2 x 1-1/4 Inch treaded rubber pedal car tires. 

  • AMF Early, Steel Steering Wheel, Pedal Car Parts
    AMF Early, Steel Steering Wheel, Pedal Car Parts
    (Part #91800209)

    AMF Early, Steel Steering Wheel

    Choose between chrome and white finish.  The Early AMF steering wheel is steel and is intended for a 3/8” diameter steering column.

    Select the proper link below to view all parts for your pedal car.

    Works great for Fish Mouth pedal cars and Star Grille pedal cars. 

    Please refer to application tab to double check part fitment. 

    Parts shown in the exploded view but not listed are currently not available. Sorry!

    AMF/BMC Fish Mouth/Star Grille Illustration 

    Exploded Parts View of AMF Mustang (Link)

    Exploded Parts View for AMF/BMC Truck (Link)

    Exploded Parts View for AMF Generic (Link)

    Exploded Parts View for AMF 508-519 Firefighter (Link)

  • Vintage Interior Speedway Print
    Vintage Interior Speedway Print
    (Part #91085252)

    Whether you're a longtime Speedway customer or simply a nostalgia buff, you'll love these vintage black and white Speedway prints showcasing the company's old "N" Street facility.

    The 16" x 20" images are printed on coated heavyweight paper and autographed by "Speedy" Bill.

  • Checkered Flag Pennant, Triangular
    Checkered Flag Pennant, Triangular
    (Part #91079015)

    Great for banquets, parties, and promotions. Also works good for keeping the fans away from your car at the track. Has 12 pennants on a string and is 20 feet long.

  • Book/Manual - How To Swap GM LS-Series Engines Into Almost Anything
    Book/Manual - How To Swap GM LS-Series Engines Into Almost Anything
    (Part #28178156)
                How to Swap GM LS-Series Engines into Almost  Anything shows how to fit these powerhouse engines into popular GM  F-Body cars, such as the Camaro and Firebird, and also how to install  these powerplants into non-GM muscle cars, sports cars, trucks, and of  course, hot rods. This book includes a historical review, complete  specs, and detailed information so you can select and fit the best LS  engine for a particular vehicle and application.

    A section on mounting kits, explaining how to install these engines into a variety of cars using readily available motor mount kits, universal engine mounts, or fabricated mounts. In addition, the book shows you how to perform necessary oil-pan modifications and adapt accessory drivers as well as choose the most suitable fuel pump, exhaust system, wiring harness, and electronic control module. This guide takes it a step further, revealing how to select the best reprogramming equipment and software for a vehicle and its application. Finally, the book covers the range of compatible transmissions for LS engines.
    • By Jefferson Bryant
    • 144 pages
    • Photos: 375 color
    • Paperback
    • Sold individually
  • Swindell Series Sprint Car Set-Up Sheets
    Swindell Series Sprint Car Set-Up Sheets
    (Part #94082050)
    • Can be used if running a 305, 360 or 410 sprint car
    • 1 tablet contains 50 sheets
    • Easily organize your set-up notes for each race
    • Gives you a permanent record of every adjustment and set-up
    • Designed and used by World of Outlaw and Chili Bowl Champion Sammy Swindell
  • Speedway Tire Coaster Set
    Product Rating: 4.78 Stars
    Speedway Tire Coaster Set
    (Part #91019522)
    • Made from 100% recycled tire rubber
    • Set of four
    • Four distinct designs in each set
      • Vintage Sprint Mag
      • Kustom Cross-bar Flipper Cap
      • D-hole Stock Car Wheel
      • Redline 5 Spoke Mag
  • Halibrand Champion Owners Manual
    Halibrand Champion Owners Manual
    (Part #91085013)
                Thirty pages filled with complete details, illustrations and tips on all Halibrand Champion open tube rear axles. It includes exploded view illustrations and a list of replacement parts, plus helpful tips to prepare for installation, assembly, disassembly and maintenance.
  • Steve Smith Autosports S217 Book - The New Racers Tax Guide
    Steve Smith Autosports S217 Book - The New Racers Tax Guide
    (Part #91085090)
                  One of Steve Smith's books.  A totally new, updated book.  It tells you how to legally subtract your racing costs from your income tax by running your operation as a business.  Step-by-step, how to do everything correctly.  Includes a complete discussion of racers' Tax Court cases (who has won, who as lost, and why).  An alternate form of funding your racing.  Read this book now and start saving.  79 pages.       
  • Limited Ed. George Trosley Print - Still Crankin
    Limited Ed. George Trosley Print - Still Crankin
    (Part #910861)
                Our friend George Trosley has agreed to sharpen his pencil and sign a  limited number of his most famous art prints just for you. Limited  quantities available. 11" x 17" unless otherwise noted. 
  • Model A Fire Truck Pedal Car
    Model A Fire Truck Pedal Car
    (Part #9180017)
                This is one hot collectible. The chrome parts are just amazing and include grille, working bell, adjustable windshield, radiator cap, gate rails and bumper.

    This vintage pedal car features beautiful chrome headlight housings with decorative non-functional headlights.

    The all metal, stamped steel construction is finished off with lead free powder coated paint.

    Car features adjustable pedals, wood-look steering wheel, opening tailgate, padded seats, running boards and treaded tires.

    Note: This car includes decorative headlights that are non-functional. The instruction sheet refers to the headlights as functional, but they are not. Also, this car does NOT come with a license plate like the instructions show.  

  • Book - Borg Warner Overdrive
    Book - Borg Warner Overdrive
    (Part #91085209)
                The Borg Warner 'R' series overdrive transmission was offered as an option until the early 1960's in many cars. This book is one of our books that covers design, operating, troubleshooting, repair and wiring. 24 pages.        
  • Ford Flathead V8 Builders Handbook
    Ford Flathead V8 Builders Handbook
    (Part #91085211)
                This book covers every facet of your Flathead Ford V-8. Rebuilding? Get one of these books! 200 images. 154 pages.
  • Book - The Secret World of Race Car Sponsorships
    Book - The Secret World of Race Car Sponsorships
    (Part #91085222)
                  Finally a great book on race car sponsorships written by a racer, for a racer. One of these books will take you from how to get a sponsor and more importantly, how to keep a sponsor. Well worth the money. 40 pages.    
  • Steve Smith Autosports S301 Book - Stock Car Racing Chassis
    Steve Smith Autosports S301 Book - Stock Car Racing Chassis
    (Part #91085033)
                  By Steve Smith. Covers design, theory and construction. Explains shock & spring selection, caster/camber, sorting a chassis, and step-by-step construction of a Chevelle chassis. 33 pages.   
  • Ford Folding Chair
    Product Rating: 3.00 Stars
    Ford Folding Chair
    (Part #72682485)

    These comfortable folding chairs are great for hanging out at the car show, swap meet or races. Includes handy carrying case for easy transportation and storage.  

  • DVD - Scratch Building A Fender
    DVD - Scratch Building A Fender
    (Part #2841024)
                What do you do if you can't find a fender worth fixing or it costs more than you want to spend? Simple, build it yourself. This video will show you how. 119 minutes.  
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