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Speedway Motors is the #1 authority on disc brakes conversion kits. With the most experience in the American muscle car business, you can be assured that you are getting a quality and precise fitting kit. Insist on a Speedway front disc brake conversion kit for your classic Chevy, Ford or Mopar muscle car. Don't forget to check out our huge selection of dropped spindles, master cylinders, flaring tools and proportioning valves. Stock up on all the essential brake lines, brake rotors, brake pads and fittings, too!

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  • 1962-1974 Mopar Disc Brake Backing Plates
    1962-1974 Mopar Disc Brake Backing Plates
                Backing plates fits 1962-1974 Mopar B-Body and E-Body spindles. Exact copy of original dust shield.
  • 1965-1970 Mopar Brake Booster Bracket
    1965-1970 Mopar Brake Booster Bracket
                This bracket makes it easy to convert to power brakes on your 1965-1970 A-body and 1965-1974 E-body Mopar. 
  • 11 Inch Mopar-Ford Brake Rotor
    11 Inch Mopar-Ford Brake Rotor

    This rotor was OE on these models:

    • Chrysler
      • Cordoba 80-83
      • 5th Avenue 83-89
      • LeBaron 77-81
    • Dodge
      • Aspen 76-80
      • Challenger 73-74
      • Charger/Demon/Dart 73-76
    • Plymouth
      • Volare 76-80
      • Barracuda 73-74
      • Duster 73-76
      • Satellite 73-74
      • Gran Fury 82-89
  • 1962-1974 Mopar Brake Calipers
    1962-1974 Mopar Brake Calipers

    Cast iron, single piston brake calipers include brake pads. Sold as a pair.


    • Mopar B-Body 1962-1972
    • Mopar E-Body 1970-1974
  • 1962-74 Mopar B/E-Body Front Disc Brake Kit
    1962-74 Mopar B/E-Body Front Disc Brake Kit

    This is the brake kit you Mopar guys have been waiting for. This complete disc brake kit is for 1962-1972 B-body and 1970-1974 E-body cars and includes rotors, spindles, calipers, brackets, pads, bearings, seals, dust caps, hoses and hardware for both front wheels. No machine work, bolts together. 11" outside diameter rotors. 5 on 4-1/2" bolt pattern. Calipers have 7/16"-20 inlet.

    910-31962 Instructions (PDF)

    Learn more about our B-body disc brake conversion kit featured in Street Legal TV's '69 Charger project tech article, Killer Kong Project Update: Speedway Motor's Speedy Disc Brake Swap.