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Speedway Motors has high performance muscle car engine parts at everyday low prices. Whether you are building a small block or big block, Chevy or Ford, Speedway has you covered with thousands of parts in stock, ready to ship. With everything from connecting rods to camshafts, Speedway can feed your need for speed! Complete crate engines and stroker engine kits are available at great prices! Make your muscle car more than a pretty ride with performance parts from Speedway Motors guaranteed to make your car roar!


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  • Universal Bolt-Through Engine Mount Cushion Kit
    Universal Bolt-Through Engine Mount Cushion Kit
    (Part #7209314)

    Connects engine mounts to frame adapters. Heavy duty rubber cushion absorbs vibrations so your mounts won't break. These universal body mounts are required on all motor installations.

    Complete with bolts, washers, and rubber cushions. Does both sides.

    Engine Mounting Illustration (GIF)

  • Trans-Dapt 4695 1967-1972 Mopar A-Body Engine Swap Kit
    Trans-Dapt 4695 1967-1972 Mopar A-Body Engine Swap Kit
    (Part #7204695)

    This Mopar V8 swap kit allows you to install 340-360 motors in the ’67-’72 A body Mopars such as Cuda, Dart, Demon, Duster, Scamp, and Valiant cars that originally had a Slant-6. 

    • 1967-72 Dart, Duster, Valiant, etc. originally equipped with a Slant 6. 

    Note: The mounts can be shifted somewhat front-to-back (to allow the transmission mount to align with the transmission mount crossmember) and thus get the engine in the “stock” position. Exhaust clearance can be tricky. It is recommended to use the close-fit, factory V8 exhaust manifolds or Block-Hugger style headers to ease those issues. Clearances to other areas can be close, but can be dealt with by sourcing original V8-specific components, “massaging” the trouble areas, or acquiring aftermarket equivalents for just such a conversion. Most customers have minimal difficulty when using V8s from passenger applications.

    720-4695 Instructions (PDF)

  • 5.7 New Style Hemi Weld-In Motor Mounts
    5.7 New Style Hemi Weld-In Motor Mounts
    (Part #7204504)
                These New Style 5.7 Hemi motor mount kits allow you to put that 'little bit different' engine in your project. They have urethane bushings and include both the engine and frame brackets. Frame brackets must be cut to fit and welded to frame. 
  • Early Hemi Universal Side Engine Mounts
    Early Hemi Universal Side Engine Mounts
    (Part #1355158)

    If you want to shoehorn an Early Hemi in your Hot Rod, we've got you covered. These mounts bolt to the side of the block and allow you to use our bolt-thru cushion kit. They have two sets of cushion holes to allow for different frame widths. The frame mounting bracket is up to you to design and build.

    For the following side tab configuration on the block:

    • Drivers Side - 2 holes to the front & 1 hole to the rear
    • Passenger Side  - 2 holes to the rear & 1 hole to the front
    If the side tabs on both side of the block have 2 holes to the front and 1 hole to the rear, this bracket WILL NOT work.


  • 1953-55 Dodge Hemi Engine Mount
    1953-55 Dodge Hemi Engine Mount
    (Part #1355355)
                This mount allows you to put a '53-'55 Dodge "Baby" Hemi engine in the chassis of your choice. This mount bolts to the front of your Hemi, you then add a set of our frame mounts or fabricate you own. Put a set of our bolt-thru cushions (at right) in between the two and you are done.