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Brunnhoelzl Racing has been in business for over twenty years, constantly developing and redeveloping new products to meet the growing demands for faster and better pit stops. Brunnhoelzl is all about providing you with the best possible computer-designed, CNC manufactured pit stop equipment. All of the employees take great pride in their workmanship. Brunnhoelzl features in-house CNC computer-controlled machining and a state-of-the-art quality control service.


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  • Brunnhoelzl 3-Pump Aluminum Racing Jack
    Brunnhoelzl 3-Pump Aluminum Racing Jack
    (Part #91082365)

    The Brunnhoelzl 3 Pump Racing Jack can reach a maximum height of 17-1/8" while maintaining a low profile at 3-1/4". This aluminum jack is also crew friendly by weighing only 32 pounds and featuring a 40 inch long 1-piece handle.

    • 3 pump version
    • Weighs only 32 lbs.
    • Light aluminum frame
    • Minimum height is 3-1/4”, maximum height is 17-1/8”
    • Includes 40” long 1-piece handle
    • Available in Black
  • Brunnhoelzel BRI-184 Aluminum Jack Dirt Wings
    Brunnhoelzel BRI-184 Aluminum Jack Dirt Wings
    (Part #91082366)

    These aluminum dirt wings keep your Brunnhoelzel aluminum jack steady on soft or uneven ground.  They come as a pair, complete with all necessary hardware.  No more struggling with uneven surfaces while making timely adjustments to your race car.

    • Aluminum
    • For Brunnhoelzel jack
    • Helps keep your jack steady on soft or uneven ground
    • Sold as a pair
    • Hardware included