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Saginaw 3-Speed Stock Remanufactured OEM Transmission

Saginaw 3-Speed Stock Remanufactured OEM Transmission

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Our rebuilt Saginaw 3-speed (1-1/8" - 10 spline) has new bearings, seals, snap rings, and gaskets.  All are stock ratios with unaltered gears in use.

Transmission shipping case required with each order. Case cost is refunded when returned, less UPS ARS.

SPEEDWAY TECH TIP: If your engine is solid mounted, don't use anything more than a rubber tranny mount. That can save your tranny if you hit the wall.

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3 Speed Stock Car Racing Shifter
(Part #91021955)

Improved design. Three speed shifter with two levers. With heavy duty rod ends. Fully adjustable. Anodized aluminum.

The aluminum shifter arms (910-21956) that attach the shifter rods to the transmission are NOT included. They may or may not be needed, depending on the transmission that you will be using.

Aluminum Transmission Plug
(Part #91025830)
                        Avoid messy transmission leaks with this tailshaft plug. Fits standard GM transmissions such as 3 speed / 4 speed manual or TH350 auto using 1-3/16" x 27 spline.
Lubrication Engineers SAE 140 Weight Gear Oil, 1 Gallon
(Part #91044140)

Whether you're running a stock flattie and rearend or hopped-up overhead and quick change, you need to run a good gear lube. Remember that your rearend was designed fifty plus years ago and needs all the help it can get. The biggest improvement you can give it is a lubricant that will allow the gears to survive the highway speeds that cars see today. L.E. gear oil is what we use in our 350 mph streamliner, that uses a V-8 quick change, without failure. The "red stuff" provides superior lubrication for long gear life. You can't win if you don't finish. We suggest 90 weight for the street and 140 weight for extreme uses.

  • Formulated using blends of high quality paraffinic and synthetic base fluids
  • Contains a highly shear stable tackiness
  • Unique blend of base fluids and thermally stable EP additives
  • Separates readily from water
  • Contains non-silicone defoaming additives
  • Contains no solids
  • Contains DUOLEC LE's proprietary dual acting liquid wear-reducing and extreme pressure additive

LE Gear Oil Data Sheet (PDF)

Transmission Stand
(Part #91081201)
                        For storage or transporting, this 2-piece tranny stand design makes it easy. Fits Saginaw and others with short tail housing.
Garage Sale - Standard Transmission Shipping Case For T-10/Jerico Transmissions
(Part #91081205)
  • Molded from ultra-high strength polyethylene and is impervious to most automotive fluids
  • Can be cleaned in "Hot Wash" systems set to 140 degree Fahrenheit or less and are designed to last many shipping cycles
  • Most containers have a tapered shape to the top and bottom which makes them widest at the assembly flange allowing for nesting of empty containers



These cases are garage sale priced because they have been used a few times to ship transmissions.