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Speedway Tru-Air Pumper Helmet Air Pump

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Does not include switch. Uses replacement element 910-74806. Duct is 1.25" OD and 1.13" ID.
Speedway Tru-Air    Pumper Helmet Air Pump
Speedway Tru-Air    Pumper Helmet Air Pump
Speedway Tru-Air    Pumper Helmet Air Pump

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Q & A

What's in the Box

For use with fresh air equipped helmets. Keeps dust and dirt out, provides cooler air inside the helmet, and prevents shield from fogging. Includes remote mount fan and filter assembly with 4' hose. 12 volt.

A switch does not come with this air pumper. Use double throw (on-off-on) switch # 91064016.

910-74802 Instructions (PDF)

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Speedway Tru-Air Mini Helmet Pumper
(Part #91074803)

For use with fresh air equipped helmets. Self contained fresh air system. Has a washable air filter that can be used over and over. Operates on 12 volt power source. Use with double throw (off-on-off) swtich # 91064015.

910-74803 Instructions (PDF)

Bell 2029000 BR-1 Air Vent Hose Adapter
(Part #21029000)

Adapts attachment hose to air vents on Bell helmets.  For use with #2102207 and #2102170.

Big end I.D. 1.3225" & Big end O.D. 1.6230"

Small end I.D. .8050" & Small end O.D. .9915"

Carbon Monoxide Cartridge for Tru-Air Pumper
(Part #91074808)

Have you crawled out of your car and felt tired or worn out more than normal? Maybe your reaction time seems to slow down for some reason?  The race cars around you are putting out carbon monoxide. We all know carbon monoxide is a poison and does permanent damage to you when you breathe it.

So why put yourself thourgh this when there is a simple cure? This cartridge fits in our Tru-Air™ Pumper and turns carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. 

Double Throw Toggle Switch
(Part #91064016)
  • Switch Type:  Toggle Switch
  • Circuitry:  SPDT
  • Electrical Rating:  25A at 12V DC
  • Contacts:  Silver
  • Housing:  Plastic with plated steel cap
  • Up Position:  On
  • Center Position:  Off
  • Down Position:  On
  • Terminals:  3 screw
  • Handle Material:  Nickel-plated brass
  • Handle Length:  11/16"
  • Mounting Hardware:  Nickel plated brass face and hex nut
  • Mounting Stem Material:  Nickel plated brass
  • Mounting Stem:  15/32" -32 thread, 15/32" long
  • Mounting Hole:  15/32" panel hole
  • Panel Thickness:  Up to 1/4" thick