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Holley 12-811 Rotor and Vane Repair Kit

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The drive rotor has a rectangular-shaped key way cut into the bottom. The rotor then fits over the pump drive shaft.
Holley 12-811 Rotor and Vane Repair Kit

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This adjustable rotor and vane kit is a must at the track.  Fits both standard and max pressure Holley electric fuel pumps.

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  • Adapts Holley 2300 (or equivalent Ford/Motorcraft) to Rochester 2G/Carter intake
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  • Vacuum secondaries allow use on wide variety of vehicles
  • Manual choke
  • Single feed fuel inlet
  • Side hung float bowls
  • Power Valve Blow-Out Protection
  • Calibrated for excellent street performance
  • Ford A/T kickdown, does not work with A.O.D. transmissions
  • 1 timed (spark) port, 1 full vacuum, and 1 PCV port
  • Performance upgrade for stock to mildly modified vehicles
  • Universal calibration for easy bolt-on performance
  • “Next Gen” needle & seat design eliminates the need for external float level adjustment

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