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Technostalgia 8500 Retro Cadillac/Oldsmobile Air Cleaner

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Air cleaner uses 14" x 4" element and has notches at the rear for an HEI distributor. Intake openings on either side are 2.625" x 3.250".
Technostalgia 8500 Retro Cadillac/Oldsmobile Air Cleaner
Technostalgia 8500 Retro Cadillac/Oldsmobile Air Cleaner
Technostalgia 8500 Retro Cadillac/Oldsmobile Air Cleaner
Technostalgia 8500 Retro Cadillac/Oldsmobile Air Cleaner

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Q & A

What's in the Box

This all steel air cleaner is based off the 1951-1956 Olds & Caddy air cleaner. It uses an over-the-counter 14" x 4" replacement element. It's even notched out in the back to clear a GM HEI distributor. Fits 5-1/8" carb neck (most Holley, Quadrajet, Demon and Edelbrock carbs).

  • 4-5/8" carb to top of air cleaner assembly
  • 5-3/32" carb to top of air cleaner nut
  • 18-1/4" wide (not a scaled down version)
  • 17-19/32" front to back length
  • Notched at rear for HEI distributor clearance

Includes all steel housing, steel top, paper filter element, carburetor stud, and unique rocket shaped wing nut.


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Note: Computer generated signals will require the use of an SN76 adaptor (not included)

Classic Instruments Installation Manual (PDF)

Technostalgia 8510 Retro Oldsmobile and Cadillac Air Cleaner, 7/8 Scale
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                        This retro "batwing" air cleaner has the same great design as the original but is scaled down to work  better with HEI distributors and other obtacles that may have previously  prevented you from using one of the cool old school air cleaners.
  • Includes Filter Element and Hardware
  • Heavy Stamped Steel Construction
  • Satin Black Paint

8510 Air Cleaner  (PDF)