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Replacement Paper Air Filter Element, 14 x 4 Inch

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Replacement Paper Air Filter Element, 14 x 4 Inch

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Economical replacement 14" diameter paper filter elements.

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K&N Filters E-3750 Replacement Filter Element, 14 x 4 Inch
(Part #465E3750)

K&N FilterCharger replacement air filter elements are designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted air flow while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensuring long engine life. The high flow cotton gauze filter material is washable, reusable and built to outlast and outperform any other filter on the market.

  • High ir flow with excellent filtration
  • Designed to increase horsepower and acceleration
  • Washable and reusable
Replacement Paper Air Filter Element, 14 x 3 Inch
(Part #54597080)

Economical replacement 14" diameter paper filter elements.

Speedway Washable Air Filter Element, 14 x 4 Inch
(Part #91011084)
                        Why keep buying paper elements when this one could last a lifetime? These filter elements feature a multi-layer cotton gauze material which is 100% washable and reusable. Use appropriate filter cleaner and filter oil at every service.
aFe Power 18-11425 Pro Dry S Filter Element, 14 x 4 Inch
(Part #91011042)

Convenient and affordable oil-free dry synthetic media provides 99.2% filtration efficiency and can be cleaned by simply blowing out with an air hose. Completely eliminates the need to wash and re-oil a filter hours or days before your next race.

  • PRO Dry S filter media is constructed of 2-layers of synthetic media
  • Requires no oils for cleaning for maximum convenience
  • Washable and reusable
R2C Performance R10522 Competition Series 14 x 4 Air Filter Element
(Part #96010522)

R2C Competition Series filters are the only air filters specifically designed for the demands of large displacement, high RPM Late Model and Modified engines. After extensive track and lab air flow evaluation, R2C created an exclusive filter design that provides flag-to-flag power while also providing unmatched engine protection. R2C filters help race teams maintain the best leak down numbers, eliminate unnecessary cylinder wall and combustion chamber wear, and also prevent engine oil breakdown caused by particulate ingestion.

  • Fits standard 14" air cleaner assemblies
  • 15" overall outside diameter
  • Fully washable synthetic media
  • Clean with low pressure compressed air (40-60 psi)
  • Requires no oil
  • Offset media improves air flow in high demand applications
  • Made in the USA

R2C Filter Brochure (PDF)

R2C Performance R10501 14 x 4 High Performance Air Filter Element
(Part #59211501)
                        Offering uncompromising performance and unmatched  engine protection in high performance street applications, R2C 14 inch  round filters deliver the lowest restriction levels and most horsepower  over the entire life of the filter.  Patent pending and proprietary  R2C PowerFlow Performance air filter media technology finally ends the  reliance on poor performing oiled cotton gauze filters.  Now, maximum horsepower and engine protection are available for your muscle car without having to Re-oil your air filter!
  • Patent-pending PowerFlow synthetic media provides more horsepower and torque over the entire life of the filter!
  • Unmatched Engine Protection - 99.5% efficient!
  • No oiling required!
  • Lifetime Street Performance Filters
  • Simple to clean using low pressure compressed air
While fully washable using biodegradable detergents such as Simple Green, etc,, R2C 14" air filters are simple to clean and maintain using low pressure (40-60PSI) compressed air. Just blow them clean from inside out and they’re ready to go. Rely on R2C for the longest lasting, best performing air filters in the business!
R2C Performance AC10521 Polycarbonate Clear Air Cleaner Top Lid, 14 In
(Part #59210521)
                        R2C combines maximum performance and show car looks into the best performing air cleaner lids available today! These crystal clear air cleaner tops provide the ultimate in durability with strong and flex resistant Polycarbonate construction.  Show off your billet carburetor and components with these clear lids.
  • Crystal Clear "Bulletproof" Polycarbonate provides the ultimate in durability
  • CFD Designed to maximize profile pressure and velocity
  • Strong and flex resistant - Creates improved sealing over aluminum lids
  • Wont bend or deflect
  • Awesome looks to display your anodized and billet carburetors,components and R2C CFD and Anodized Air Cleaner Bases
  • Fits 14" diameter filters
  • Top lid ONLY
Outerwears 14 x 4 Black Tall Air Cleaner Pre-Filter
(Part #564444-BLK)
                        Made from a durable polyspun material containing uniform micron openings. Recommended by engine builders and professional race teams around the world. 

Keep the bigger and most damaging particles of sand, dirt, clay and oil drips from getting to and clogging the fins of your air cleaner element. Fits 14" air cleaner elements. Available 4" tall. 

Available in seven colors: yellow, red, orange, blue, pink, purple and black.