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Remote Reservoir Power Steering Pumps for GM & T-Bird

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Material Type:
Overall Height:
Overall Width:
Overall Length:
Sold in Quantity:
Shaft Diameter:
Outlet Fitting:
Flow Rating:
3.0 GPM
MFG. Part #:
5/8" hose nipple inlet works with AN10 push on hose with clamp. The outlet accepts a 16mm o-ring fitting like # 6174806, or a banjo fitting 6174830 for an AN6 pressure line.
Remote Reservoir Power Steering Pumps for GM & T-Bird
Remote Reservoir Power Steering Pumps for GM & T-Bird
Remote Reservoir Power Steering Pumps for GM & T-Bird
Remote Reservoir Power Steering Pumps for GM & T-Bird
Remote Reservoir Power Steering Pumps for GM & T-Bird
Remote Reservoir Power Steering Pumps for GM & T-Bird

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Q & A

What's in the Box

This high flow style remote reservoir power steering pump can be used with GM power steering or the 1982-1988 T-bird power rack and pinion. (Must be revalved if used with Mustang II rack and pinion or Ford power steering).

  • Available in black or chrome
  • Compact size
  • Same as GM Type II TC pumps
  • For use with remote reservoir
  • Pulley installation kit included
  • Pulley NOT included (use pulley 91032909)


  • Supplied with a 5/8" hose nipple inlet
  • Our #10 blue hose (106332-10) slips on this nipple and seals with a clamp
  • Outlet uses a 16mm O-ring fitting
  • Our 16MM to #6 adapter (617-4806) fits the outlet and works great as a start point for a -6 pressure line
  • Shaft has 0.663" O.D. and uses press-on pulley 910-32909

You may also be interested in:

KRC Power Steering 91510000 Flat Mount Power Steering Tank
(Part #46691510)
                        All KRC power steering tanks feature quarter turn caps with -6 AN inlet and -10 AN outlet fittings. This flat surface mount tank has a -6 AN fitting on the right hand side facing the tank.

466-91510 Dimensions (PDF)

Mustang II Power Steering Flow Valve for GM Pump, 2 GPM
(Part #91032918)

It is common to use an early GM power steering pump with a Mustang II power rack and pinion. Most who have tried it have found that the steering was twitchy or that it easily darts. This valve reduces the fluid flow from three gallons-per-minute to two gallons-per-minute, which cures the problem. For applications using the O-ring style power steering hoses. Installs in the back side of the pump as shown in the extra photos.

If converting pump from modern 16mm o-ring to traditional 5/8" inverted flare style hoses, order (1) Adapter Insert 910-32921. 

910-32918 Instructions (PDF)

High Flow Aluminum Power Steerng Pump for T-Bird & GM
(Part #91032927)

These brand new aluminum remote reservoir power steering pumps are a high flow type for use with 1982-88 T-Bird power rack & pinions or GM power steering. Same as GM Type II TC pumps.

  • The fitting at the inlet (suction) end of this pump is AN10 male
  • The fitting at the outlet (pressure) end is AN6 male
  • A 5/8"-18 banjo fitting can be used on this pump by removing the AN6 male fitting. The internal threads are 5/8"-18.
Use this Polished V-Belt Pulley sold separately.



Aluminum Power Steering Pumps w/ Reservoir
(Part #91032922)

We offer these brand new lightweight aluminum power steering pumps with a reservoir. Available in either Ford (low flow) or GM (high flow) settings.

  • Ford - low flow for Mustang II power rack & pinion and Ford power steering
  • GM - high flow for T-Bird power rack & pinion and GM power steering
    * AN 6 pressure outlet
    * AN 6 return inlet
    * 16mm 1.5 pressure outlet
    * Hose barb return inlet

Use this Polished V-Belt Pulley sold separately.

Sweet Mfg. 310-30026 Power Steering Pump Single Groove V-Belt Pulley
(Part #91032909)

Single groove aluminum V-belt pulley with Speedway name on it and gray anodized finish. Has a 6" diameter and press-fits onto a 0.663 " diameter shaft.  

Fits power steering pumps #:

  • 910-32906
  • 910-32902
  • 910-32903
Steel Power Steering Box Adapter Fitting 16mm-1.5 IFM/-6 AN, 80-Up GM
(Part #6174806)

Steel 16mm-1.5 IFM power steering box to -6 AN hose adapter fitting.

Note: Inverted flare are used on most GM steering boxes through 1977. O-ring fittings are used later model GM metric boxes from 1978-up.

5/8 Inch or 16mm to AN6 Banjo Fitting for Power Steering Pump
(Part #6174830)

Zinc-plated steel banjo bolt assembly for the pressure connection (outlet) to the pump.

Fitting 617-4830 fits our:

  • P/S pump # 91032922-GM
  • P/S pump # 91032908-BLK  
  • P/S pump # 91032908-CHR

WARNING:  Fitting is designed to accept an AN-6 stainless steel braided wire high-pressure hose.