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Ram Clutches 8901 7.25 Clutch Replacement Parts, Floater Plate

Ram Clutches 8901 7.25 Clutch Replacement Parts, Floater Plate

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Replacement parts for Ram 7.25" Stock Car multi-disc clutch.

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Clutch Alignment Tool, 1-1/16 Inch 10-Spline
(Part #5506940)

Inexpensive way to line up your clutch for fast, easy installation. Made of tough nylon.

Ram Clutches 8351 7.25 Inch Stock Car 3-Disc Clutch, Chevy Pre-1986
(Part #6058351)

Ram has put their extensive knowledge to work developing this extremely durable 7-1/4" clutch. The four paddle multi disc clutch design has twice the friction material of other 7-1/4" clutch units and features a proprietary friction material known for its outstanding durability. The Ram 7-1/4 will also bolt directly to most existing 7-1/4" flywheels.

Multi-Disc Features:  

  • New internal drive mechanism provides smooth, driveable engagement
  • Twice the friction material of other 7.25" clutches
  • Proprietary Ram friction mix known for outstanding durability
  • Discs feature 8 rivet hubs for added torque capacity
  • Bolts directly to existing 7.25" flywheels
  • Chevy applications use Ram throw out bearing 605-48100
  • 3-disc Clutch: 9.7 lbs (weight without the button)

Terms and Policy (PDF)

Tech Tip:  When installing a new multi disc clutch, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for correct set-up.  You should also replace the pilot bushing/bearing.

Tech Tip:  To extend the life of your expensive racing clutch you should not use it to load the car on or in your trailer.  The amount of slippage this causes is worse than a night of racing.


Aluminum Transmission Plug
(Part #91025830)
                        Avoid messy transmission leaks with this tailshaft plug. Fits standard GM transmissions such as 3 speed / 4 speed manual or TH350 auto using 1-3/16" x 27 spline.
Ram Clutches BU656K Kevlar Pilot Bushing, S/B and B/B Chevy
(Part #890656)

This replacement 1955-04 SB/BB Chevy pilot bushing is CNC machined from a Nylon/Kevlar composite that has a wear life five times longer than steel and prevents input shaft scoring.

Even better, it does not require grease, which eliminates the possibility of contaminating the clutch.

  • .598" I.D.
  • 1.105" O.D. 
Ram Clutches 78017 Bearing Only for Ram Hydraulic Throwout 605-78125
(Part #60578017)
Ram Clutches 8902 7.25 Clutch Replacement Parts, Pressure Ring
(Part #6058902)
                        Replacement parts for Ram 7.25" Stock Car multi-disc clutch.