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R2C Performance R2C0210A6 14.5 Inch Outerwear Oval Prefilter Cover


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What's in the Box

Make the longest lasting filter on the market last even longer!  R2C Performance prefilters not only add life to your filters, but they also ensure ample flow to your engine.  And the more fresh air that your engine ingests, the more power that it can produce.  R2C prefilters are made from durable polyester to grab those larger particles and protect your air filter from the elements without impeding flow.  Feed your engine the cleanest air possible and protect your air filters with R2C prefilters.

Outerwear Prefilter Cover

  • Excellent first line of defense
  • Elastic bands hold secure to filter element
  • Slip fit over molded air box for additional protection
  • Easily Washable
  • Black polyester

NOTE:  Prefilter only!  Filter is not included.

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K&N Air Filter Cleaner is a high-performance cleaner and degreaser used to remove road grime, engine exhaust and grease from cotton air filters. After you clean your filter, be sure to reapply K&N air filter oil (at right) which catches minute dust and dirt particles and suspends them, allowing air to pass through freely.

32 oz. squirt bottle.

R2C Performance OV10504 14.4 Inch Oval Replacement Air Filter Element

Single oval R2C dry media filter for increased performance, filtration, and ease of maintenance.

R2C Additional Information (PDF)

Micro/Mini/600 Air Box, Complete Kit with Dry Media Filter

Bolt on power!  Utilized by top engine builders, this CNC machined air box kit features a top and base plate which house a single oval R2C dry media filter for increased performance, filtration, and ease of maintenance.  The complete system weighs only 3.9 lbs. and works with carbs or injection with a mating diameter of 2.435" and boot centerline distance of 2.85".

R2C Additional Information (PDF)