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Quarter Master 710101 Hydraulic Throwout Bearing Seal Kit

Quarter Master 710101 Hydraulic Throwout Bearing Seal Kit

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Sealing kit for floating hydraulic throwout bearing.

QM Throwout Bearing Instructions (PDF)

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Quarter Master 28517080 5.5 Inch V-Drive Clutch, 1-1/8 Inch-10 Spline
(Part #91028517080)

The lighter the rotating mass, the faster you can accelerate off the turns. It doesn't get much lighter than this Quartermaster 5-1/2" Drive dual disc clutch!  Simply use with a GM flex plate and bolt to your pre-'86 S/B Chevy crankshaft. 1-1/8" x 10 spline.

Quarter Master Engineering & Design (PDF)

Tech Tip:  When installing a new multi disc clutch, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for correct set-up.  You should also replace the pilot bushing/bearing.

Tech Tip:  To extend the life of your expensive racing clutch you should not use it to load the car on or in your trailer.  The amount of slippage this causes is worse than a night of racing.

Quarter Master 710102 Hydraulic Throwout Bearing Shim Kit
(Part #910710102)
                        Quartermaster floating hydraulic throwout bearing shim kit. For 910-710100 or 910-710200.

QM Throwout Bearing Instructions (PDF)

Quarter Master 108502 7-1/4 Inch Clutch Pressure Plate
(Part #910108502)

Replacement pressure plate for Quarter Master 7.25" V-Drive racing clutch.

  • New Spec: 0.604"
  • Min. Spec: 0.598"
  • Max Warp Spec: 0.006"