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Quarter Master 710100 Hydraulic Throwout Bearing for 7.25 Inch Clutch


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What's in the Box

This floating hydraulic throwout bearing is designed for 7.25" clutches using a flexplate and button clutch combination. Bearing comes with enough fittings so that you could use a -3 AN or -4 AN supply line.

  • Bleed hose NOT included 
  • Bleeder hole is threaded 5/16"-24
  • Collapsed height: 2.245"
  • Outside diameter: 4.400"
  • Inside diameter: 1.425"

910-710100 Instructions (PDF)

Learn more about hydraulic release bearings and how to properly install them by reading our tech article. How to Install a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing.

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Hydraulic Release Bearing Set-Up Tool
                        Another Speedway exclusive -- makes hydraulic release bearing set-up as easy as 1-2-3. We all know what a pain it is to set the clearance on a hydraulic release bearing. With this handy little tool you will take the guess work and drudgery out of it. 

Simply hold the tool up to the bellhousing and push the rod in until it touches the pressure plate fingers. Then turn the tool around and place it up to the transmission, and you can check your clearance.

Made of heavy steel construction with a black oxide finish, so this tool won't wear out or break. Numbers are laser etched.

Hydraulic Release Bearing Set-Up Tool Instructions (PDF) 

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Quarter Master 710101 Hydraulic Throwout Bearing Seal Kit
                        Sealing kit for floating hydraulic throwout bearing.

QM Throwout Bearing Instructions (PDF)

Quarter Master 710102 Hydraulic Throwout Bearing Shim Kit
                        Quartermaster floating hydraulic throwout bearing shim kit. For 910-710100 or 910-710200.

QM Throwout Bearing Instructions (PDF)

Quarter Master 710105 Remote Bleeder Hose, -3 AN

Bleeder hose for 910-710100 or 910-710200. The -3 AN line is 11" long. Tip to tip of fitting is 12".

Read more about bleeding hydraulic lines in our tech article, How To Bleed Your Brake Lines