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Push Type Slave Cylinder

Centerline of Holes:
Material Type:
Overall Length:
Sold in Quantity:
Overall Thickness:
Thread Pitch:
1/8" NPT
Bore Size:
Garage Sale:
Has 1.203" of travel. Includes 3/8"-24 IFF inlet fitting. Pushrod not included.
Push Type Slave Cylinder
Push Type Slave Cylinder
Push Type Slave Cylinder

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Push type slave cylinder with 7/8" bore size. Has approximately 1.25" of travel. Inlet fitting that comes on the cylinder is 3/8 x 24 IFF. Has 2-3/8" mount bolt centers. 

Pushrod sold separately (910-25606).

Note: If you want to plumb AN3 or AN4 lines, order 1/8 NPT to AN3 or AN 4 in either straight, 45 degree, or 90 degree and remove the fitting that comes installed.

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Speedway Pull Type Slave Cylinder
(Part #91025604)

Speedway pull type slave cylinder with 7/8" bore for clutch use. Works great with stock-style hydraulic throwout bearings or Ram Couplers. Has a 3/8"-24 inverted flare female inlet. Bleeder adapter and bleeder are included.

  • Ram shaft is 3/8" O.D.
  • Cylinder body is 4.09" long
  • Cylinder body is 1-7/16" O.D. at end by fittings
  • Cylinder body is 1-3/8" at opposite end of fittings

A 5/16” heim will fit both ends of cylinder (not included). Our heim part number is 1750202.

Note: For most multi-disc clutch set-ups we recommend the use of a smaller 3/4" bore master cylinder.

Wilwood 260-1304 Integral Reservoir Alum. Master Cylinder, 3/4 In Bore
(Part #8352601304)

This popular, lightweight, compact design is used for clutch and small master cylinder requirements and is well known for its dependability. It incorporates an improved plastic screw-on filler cap which protects the fluid in the 1.4 ounce reservoir.

  • Includes fitting to accept 3/8"-24 inverted flare from 3/16" hard line
  • If AN-3 or AN-4 flex line is to be used, the following adapters will work:
    • 910318-3/8  (3/8"-24 to AN-3 Male Brake Fitting)
    • 6174030  (3/8"-24 Inverted Flare to AN-4 Fitting)

External Dimensions (Link)

Learn more about selecting the proper master cylinder for your vehicle by reading our tech article. Brake System Selection

Pushrod for Slave Cylinder
(Part #91025606)

Adjustable pushrod for push-type slave cylinder 910-25605.

Speed Bleeder Bleed Screws, 1/4-28
(Part #6173954)

The Speed Bleeder is a direct replacement for the bleeder assembly in your caliper. This makes brake bleeding truly a one-man operation. Simply "crack" the bleeder loose, pump the brakes, then close the bleeder. 

Sold in pairs.

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