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Proform 67651 Wireless Scales


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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a set.



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What's in the Box

Proform's 20 years of excellence in precision scale manufacturing brings you the convenience of wireless technology at an affordable price.

  • Weight and percentage for each wheel, and total vehicle weight (up to 7,000 lbs)
  • Lightweight, die-cast aluminum pads are 15" x 15" with a 1,750 lb. capacity
  • Four stud mounted self-stabilizing feet
  • Accurate to 1/10 of 1%
  • Oversized, easy to read backlit display
  • Durable carrying case with wheels
  • Batteries included

Instructions (PDF)


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Intercomp Wireless Pro Scales with Free Cart
                        A Speedway Motors exclusive! If you buy the Intercomp Wireless Pro Scale, we will throw in our scale cart for FREE!

Intercomp Wireless Pro Scale features one wireless hand held display, four wireless transmitters and one wireless receiver. It comes with five rechargeable batteries and five battery chargers. Output your results to a computer and printer. Certified to 0.1% accuracy.

15" x 15" x 2-1/2" deluxe billet pads, 1,500 lb. capacity per pad with 6,000 lb. total capacity.
Longacre Economy Wireless Scale Set
  • Accuset control box with ZigBee wireless receiver
  • Includes FREE scale pad box
  • No wires to trip over
  • CNC machined 15" low profile scale pads with handles and recessed connectors
  • 1/10% accuracy and 1500 lbs per pad capacity
  • Two-year limited warranty
Intercomp SW650 Quick Weigh Wireless Scales

The Intercomp SW650 Chassis Scale is loaded with features and will display setups to one hundredth of a percent.

  • Fully Integrated RFX Wireless Weighing Technology
  • Encryption Ensures Secure Wireless Communication
  • USB & RS232 Output
  • Certified to 0.1% Accuracy
  • Stores 100 Chassis Setups
  • Baseline Setup Recall
  • Center of Gravity Calculation
  • User Selectable Display Modes
  • Target Tune Feature
  • Giant 0.5" Display Characters
  • Backlit for Low-Lighting Conditions
  • View Any Combination of Scale Pad Weight & Percentage

Includes a FREE scale storage box! (part # 910-82100, included with the purchase of this scale system)

Longacre 72702 Computerscales WIRELESS AccuSet II
Save yourself time with the II and its baseline memory recall. It will store your baseline setup so you can compare it to your current setup. It has 1 slot memory that is easy to use and very helpful. The display will show all 4 wheel weights plus the cross weight. The partial % will show with the push of one button. The display face is slanted for easier viewing.
  • Accuset II control box with ZigBee wireless receiver
  • Includes Free deluxe scale pad box
  • 4 wireless pads
  • No wires to trip over, no fragile modules outside the pad
  • 4 line display shows all weights and partial %
  • LMF Satin finished pads with single load cells
  • CNC machined 15" low profile scale pads with handles and recessed connectors
  • 1/10% accuracy and 1500 lbs per pad capacity
  • Two-year limited warranty
Intercomp SW787 Wireless Scale System

Displays Setups to One Hundredth of a Percent! Intercomp’s PC Wireless Scale Systems combine our ultra accurate Billet Scale Pads with Intercomp’s tested & proven advanced RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology.

Software compatible with: Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Vista™ & Windows® 7.

  • Laptop not included, shown for reference only
  • 15" X 15" X 2.5" Wireless billet pads
  • RaceWeigh software for PC
  • AA alkaline batteries for scale pads
  • 1,500 Pad capacity, 6,000 lb system capacity
  • 2 year warranty
  • Includes FREE scale pad box (a $249.99 value)  
  • Fully Integrated RFX™ Wireless Technology      
  • RS232 Output to Printer
  • Store & Recall Chassis Setups  
  • 400hr Average Battery Life in Pads

NOTE: Laptop NOT included.

Proform 67649 Billet Aluminum Scale Ramps
  • Black anodized billet aluminum scale ramps
  • Peak height is 2 3/8”
  • Set of 4