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Pro-Blend 6000TS-2 Hot Lap 2 Tire Treatment, Softener

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Pro-Blend 6000TS-2 Hot Lap 2 Tire Treatment, Softener

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Hot-Lap II is a low cost tire treatment specifically formulated for races of 25 laps or less. Hot Lap II works as a great tire softener. Gives your tires the "edge" that you need!

Reduces laptime 2-5 tenths. Absolutely undetectable. Guaranteed! Increases tire life up to 50%. Comes in fast and will not go away. One gallon treats enough tires for four racing weekends.


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Track Claw 2995 Tire Strengthener, Softener, 1 Gallon
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Track Claw Tire Strengthener is designed to strengthen and vulcanize the rubber of a tire by becoming part of it, adding more elasticity and strength to the rubber which significantly increases traction. Track Claw tire softener is also designed to give tires tremendous abrasion resistant properties which keeps tires cooler, decreases wear significantly, and keeps tires consistent lap after lap. 

Non-oily treatment is undetectable and will work on all types of tires.


Track Claw 2003 Tire Strengthener, Softener, Aerosol
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Track Claw Instant Traction Formula is designed for last-minute track use in qualifying or for drag racers who want to keep their ET's consistent between each round. Track Claw tire softener reduces tire wear.  Non-oily compound keeps tires consistent while also being undetectable. 

With Aerosol Track Claw you simply spray it on the tires and hit the track in only 5-10 minutes. 19 oz.


Pro-Blend 7050 Tire Cleaner
(Part #91016010)
  • Cleans tire surface and "opens" pores
  • Properly removes the mold release or "glaze" found on sticker tires 
  • Use before applying HOT LAP TIRE TREATMENT or between rounds to go even quicker
  • 30 oz.


Longacre 50560 Tread Depth Gauge
(Part #91010130)
                        The only way to win races is by using all 4 tires efficiently. This thread depth gauge measures tread depth to 0.004, eliminating errors associated with tire temperature and chassis set up.
RCI 6000X TNT 50 Lap Tire Treatment, 1 Gallon
(Part #6006000)
                        Need help reducing your lap time? You need TNT Tire Treatment from Racer  Components. This will not only increase your tires traction, but also  increase the life of the tire.
  • Reduces lap times 2-5 tenths
  • Increases tire traction
  • Increases tires life up to 50%
  • Works on asphalt & dirt tracks
  • Super quick for the short runs, evaporates after 50 laps
  • Ideal for kart racers and short heats
  • Designed to pass "most tire testing"
  • 1 Gallon can